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Essential Information for Human Subjects


Return to Research program ends

The Division of Research’s Return to Research program, including human subjects research, has concluded. Those engaged in research, including faculty, staff and students, are required to adhere to the New York State revised COVID guidance for state agencies. The campus will maintain the QR code system for lab access tracking for principal investigators who wish to continue or implement the program. Contact Rachel Coker, director of research advancement, to discuss the QR code implementation at or 607-777-6135. If you have other questions related to research compliance and COVID, contact Nancy Lewis, assistant vice president for research compliance, at or 607-777-3532.

Researchers should contact the IRB office to discuss safety measures that are to be implemenetd in their protocols to ensure a safe research environment for the participants, as well as the study team.

Researchers are still encouraged to integrate remote/online procedures whenever possible and when the integrity of the research can still be maintained to continue the safest practices.

Please conintue to monitor CDC and the NY State COVID guidance and updates.

Last Updated: 6/24/21