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Performance Period  

Payroll information

Research Foundation employees are paid biweekly on alternating Fridays. We encourage salaried employees to use direct deposit as their payment option.

Promotions, salary adjustments, performance reviews

Each year the Research Foundation Board of Directors approves a salary plan that outlines the allowable cost of living and discretionary increases for employees, dependent upon the availability of funds. Supervisors should conduct annual performance reviews that document the strengths of an employee and where an employee needs improvement. Contact the associate vice president for research administration if you'd like assistance with performance reviews.

We support salary adjustments to recognize performance, merit, changes in duties and responsibilities or when there is an equity issue. Salary adjustments should take place on the anniversary of an employee's appointment, the anniversary of the project funding or on July 1. Increases are limited to one per year. We recognize that the duties and responsibilities of an employee do change. In this regard it may be appropriate to request a reclassification or promotion. All requests for salary adjustments and promotions should be directed to the associate vice president for research administration.

Leave and attendance records

Employees appointed on a salaried basis for at least 50 percent effort are usually eligible for leave benefits. You will receive notification of eligibility and leave accrual rates at the time of your appointment. Hourly employees cannot accrue leave time. Employees will be provided with the appropriate attendance records and instructions for completion.

Last Updated: 8/10/16