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AgrowDrone is an integrated system of aerial and ground drones that provide a complete solution for frequent plant health detection, diagnosis and remediation.



BessTech is an electrode design and engineering venture based in Albany, New York. Our mission is to improve the battery systems manufactured by assemblers and OEMs, providing them with high-performing electrodes.



BioElectronics is in the electroceuticals business. It is involved in the research, development and marketing of low cost pulsed shortwave therapy devices in numerous healthcare markets across the world.


Callsign is a cybersecurity company that provides a platform to eliminate the need for passwords to access services, systems, applications and networks.   



Interactive online directory where customers shop for providers to take care of household chores.



Serves as a platform for prospective "Employer" users who need small jobs and tasks efficiently outsourced to background checked, vetted and competent "Contractor" users.

Gyro Heat Technologies

GyroHeat Technologies has engineered the ultimate in cooking experiences by radically improving the gas burners ability to displace heat to the cooking vessel, preventing the creation of hotspots.


Hungry Hound Beer Grain Treats

Healthy, sustainable treats dogs love! We work with breweries all across NY & PA and turn their waste product (spent grain) into a consumable product (all natural dog treats).



i3 Assemblies offers integration of advanced process and product development with manufacturing solutions to provide flip chip and wire bond packaging, full hybrid assembly, backplanes, chassis, complete system builds and testing from prototype to volume production.


ISM is developing a wearable cardiac output monitor based on the chest wall motions CoreTrac, to be available for the entire community.


KW Fitness

Founded in 2012, KW Fitness is a private personal training studio in Vestal, NY dedicated to getting results! KW Fitness is working with student start-up, TIBAH to pilot their new app!


Muckles' Ink

Custom and commercial screen-printed apparel.



There is a market need for a low-cost, continuous-flow monitor to detect waterborne contaminants in real-time. Quansor has focused on creating such a technology and has finally achieved a long sought-after breakthrough.  The company is ready now to commercialize its monitors and begin sales.



Quantopix Technologies develops custom software and applications for Data Mining, Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Report Generations to support strategic business decisions.



Research Connection is an online platform for students to find research opportunities, and for faculty to showcase their work and recruit top young minds for their projects.



Through a combination of out-of-the-box technology and services, Shaefa delivers the most easy to use, population-specific, highly accurate methodology for predicting a patient's risk of being hospitalized.



Scott Danzig, a software engineer by trade, has been enthralled with the challenge of filmmaking for most of his life, and at last making it happen since moving to New York in 2010. As the former organizer of the all-volunteer based filmmaking group, Dark Kidney Films, Scott gained a great deal of sink-or-swim experience, leading a number of tumultuous productions. He has since moved on, founding Sneaky Ghost Films, building a network of passionate collaborators whom he trusts to help his vision become a reality.


Sonostics Inc. was formed in 2008 to commercialize innovative biotechnology developed at Binghamton University. In 2013, the company re-focused its efforts on non-invasively, non-pharmacologically alleviating symptoms associated with poor circulation and reduced venous return to the heart which allows fluid to pool in the lower body. 



Yank Tech is an energy technology firm with a focus on advancing wireless charging applications for today's electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets.









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