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Associate Members

Our Associate Members program is to devise and support university-industry partnerships that discover, develop and deploy innovative products for the scientific, technical, industry and consumer marketplaces to support new business growth and economic development. Associate Members have limited use of the conference rooms and common areas in the Start-Up Suites in the Biotechnology, Engineering & Science and Center of Excellence buildings at the Innovative Technologies Complex, reserved through the Binghamton University Start-Up Suite Staff. Members also have access to the Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Binghamton University.  


For additional information:
(607) 777-5870

Our Associate Members

Geoweb3d provides 3D mapping and visualization solutions for US and International Defense, Intelligence and Commercial users.


McGlashon InterNational, LLC

NY Based company focused on providing the highest quality of CBD oil.


NSC Technologies

NSC Technologies focuses on the development of materials for chemical/biological sensors and fuel cell catalysts. 



RxRefund provides a webportal to help pharmacies deal with returning expired medications. 



Flexabile and wearable electronics based on proprietary electronic fabric for medical, athletic, home and industrial markets.



Swift is developing the world’s most energy efficient and cost effective automated people movers (APM). 


VehWare develops real-time, visual driver hazard avoidance technologies that can be integrated and support future autonomous vehicles


Last Updated: 1/4/18