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Charge CCCV LLC is specializing in technology development and commercialization of next generation energy storage solutions. We address the need for total system optimization of the materials used for next generation energy storage (cathod, anode, electrolyte and separators materials). The company seeks to discover and patent these refinements by applying material science research and then license the knowledge to the supply chain for production of lithium ion batteries.


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START UP OF THE MONTH - December 2015

Photo by Neil Seejoor
SUOTM - Charge
Written by Travis Clines 

With our supplies of non-renewable resources to be depleted in the next few decades Dr. Shailesh Upreti is getting ready for that day.

Dr. Upreti is the co-founder of Charge CCCV (CCCCV), a company which has made incremental improvements to the life-span of the battery. With the loss of our major sources of energy in the coming years we will have to switch to renewable energy resources he said.

"In our daily life each of us needs energy, in our pockets, in our laptops," Dr. Upreti said. "All the renewable energy generation, solar and wind, they are intermittent."

The technology came about from experimentation in Dr. Upreti's lab. The idea for the upgrade came from a source in nature, the human body. Using synthesized natural minerals added to the lithium-ion battery is what gives CCCCV's batteries their increased lifespan of up to 25 years he said.

Mark Mecenas, a director and co-founder of CCCCV, said the technology enhances lithium-ion batteries in six distinct areas: Increased lifetime, energy storage capacity, rapid energy absorption, higher performance required for grip back-up systems, less heat from batteries and the ability to be dropped into existing systems. That last point means the cost to produce the battery does not increase he said in an email.

"Manufacturing of this battery does not have to change existing fabrication processes," Mecenas said. "This technology is employed at a fundamental material level. The cost of incorporating this technology is minimal."

One of the reasons that many start-ups fail Dr. Upreti said, is because manufacturing is capitol intense. CCCCV gets around this he said by constructing the supply chain, not by actually creating the manufacturing capabilities, but instead by using existing companies in New York State.

Mecenas said CCCCV will help business in New York.

"We hope to engage local and regional work forces cooperatively, and bring manufacturing jobs in New York State," Mecenas said. "As with many things the majority of batteries are produced in Asia. We want to change this in the battery space."

Dr. Upreti said the total time from concept to this point in CCCCV's life took about 18 to 24 months. He points to the help they have received from the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships, as well as from faculty at Binghamton University to get them to this point. He said it is necessary to move your company in an area that has already had success.
"When you are building a company you need to have the right environment, you can't build it somewhere where there is no support available," Dr. Upreti said. "You need to share things with people who come from an industry background. It is about matching new technology with something that has been well studied in the market."

Dr. Upreti, said Dr. Stan Whittingham, a professor at Binghamton University, had also helped advise the company. Dr. Whittingham said in an email he has helped CCCCV with involvement in NY-BEST, which means to advance New York State as a global leader in battery technology. Dr. Whittingham also allows CCCCV to use his labs until he gains space in the Center of Excellence.

The target market for CCCCV is grid storage, followed by use in the automotive market. Beyond those applications, Dr. Upreti said there is the possibility for use with power tools as well as portable electronics.

Dr. Upreti warns that there will be struggles on the road to success.

"The hardest point in start-ups is getting traction in the market," he said. "You may have a good product, you may have the money available, but if you don't have the right strategy to utilize that in combination you might fail."


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