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i3 Assemblies Inc.

 i3 Assemblies offers integration of advanced process and product development with manufacturing solutions to provide flip chip and wire bond packaging, full hybrid assembly, backplanes, chassis, complete system builds and testing from prototype to volume production. We offer these first and second level advanced assembly solutions for markets that include military, other governmental agencies, medical and commercial customers. Our products will be the electronic components found in life-saving medical diagnostic/imaging devices, the worlds fastest and most advanced super computers, cutting-edge space exploration and satellite technology. Our electronics will be installed in end use products throughout the world. We are making the investment to take

advantage of opportunities that have been presented to us from customers weve previously serviced and customers from our printed circuit board (PWB) manufacturing operations in Endicott, NY. I3 Electronics Inc. is our PWB operations in Endicott where we manufacture circuit boards from laminate
material and copper foil.



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Last Updated: 11/14/17