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Sonic Blocks

Sonic Blocks has officially launched their Indiegogo campaign August 3rd, 2016. Click here to follow their campaign, support them or just stay in the know!


Sonic Blocks is a patent-pending Bluetooth and WiFi audio and video device that is distinguished from the competition via elements that allow for complete speaker customization and attachments. A user can customize their Sonic Blocks with modular add-on speaker(s) drivers such as a tweeter, midrange, woofer, sub-woofer, and radiators in a multitiude of different shapes and sizes, all with quick-connect interchangeable parts, each with a different frequency response. Additional cubes can be added on the fly for use with additional speakers chosen to suit the taste of the user, or a user can separate from the Sonic Blocks stack, and place speakers around a room to create a surround sound system. All components of the system can be swapped out, or quick connected with other Sonic Block systems, building an ever-expanding wall of sound. The system is controlled via a detachable touch screen control panel or via smart phone application.


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Last Updated: 8/10/16