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B-Innovative Suite

The E&IP office exists in part to foster student passion by providing strategic resources and opportunities.

One of these resources is the B-Innovative Suites on the Binghamton University Campus in Old Rafuse Hall - Rooms 134, 135, & 136. This space is provided for use by business-minded students in order to facilitate interaction between innovators as well as a meeting location to develop business plans.

  • As an undergraduate or graduate student at Binghamton University, you can use this space as a resource 24/7
  • Get out of the dorm and into a more collaborative space
  • This space facilitates networking with other motivated entrepreneurs in the Binghamton University community seeking to collaborate and help each other grow
  • Convenient and safe space to progress a business plan
  • In conjunction with this space, you can utilize space at the Koffman Incubator in downtown Binghamton
  • Programming is available to support your business activities

Interested in utilizing this space?
Contact the E&IP office

P: (607) 777-5870
Our Offices: Innovative Technologies Complex, Suite 2100


Praise from students:
"This office is critical for Binghamton. The staff are incredibly talented and have inspired hundreds of young undergrads to buy into an entrepreneurial mindset. The office is responsible for everything from shark tank style idea pitches to speaker series and even the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator. I don't think entrepreneurship is innate for most people and the office of entrepreneurship has worked tirelessly for years to change that." - David Axelrod, TIBAH


"The Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships is there to help you make your idea a reality. The faculty is there every step of the way, from start to finish! And every student knows when it comes to balancing schoolwork, running a business, and having a life, every bit of help goes a long way. The Office of E & IP is not only there to offer assistance but has an active interest in seeing you succeed. The university could not ask for a better group of people to foster the start-up community on campus, and I look forward to seeing some earth-shattering stuff in the coming years!" - Judah Burger, Innovation Fellows


"My experience with the Entrepreneur Office has been incredible. I have learned so much from Dan, Laura, Tony, Emma, Per, and Kenneth. From the very start they have been more than willing to help me. Whether it is on advise for business ideas for my company, administration, marketing, or handing me resources to prosper in the Binghamton community and beyond. My time spent in the Entrepreneur Office has been some of my proudest and happiest moments in Binghamton University and has inspired me to continue my entrepreneurial instincts. I will miss them all very much and I know that they will continue to successfully mentor incoming student innovations." - Anthony Tapias, TruNeed 


"During our time at Binghamton University, we created a platform allowing local, national, and international businesses to engage with college students. The Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Partnerships has always connected us to resources and allowed us to be part of a supportive community." -Scott & Shachar, Campus Pursuit

Last Updated: 3/15/19