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Funding Opportunities

 SUNY Technology Accelerator Fund ("TAF") Class of 2019

The Technology Accelerator Fund ("TAF") is a competitive funding program designed to enhance the commercialization of SUNY technologies as products and services for the market (eligibility, criteria and administrative guidelines). Each SUNY campus may submit a maximum of two proposals. The Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships ("EIP") will work with interested inventors throughout a multi-stage selection process; the first deliverable is a statement of interest requested by March 5th.

1. Statement of Interest

· Project Title

· Fit with which of the 9 SUNY "Research Priority Areas"

· Binghamton RB- reference number (of New Technology Disclosure) and title

· Names of team members, with roles

· 2-3 sentence description of the technology – merits/advantages, uses, type, e.g., software; materials, therapeutic, diagnostic, process, article of manufacture, and development status measured by Technology Readiness Level.

EIP will assess and invite pre-proposals.

2. Pre-Proposal (provide the following additional information)

· Customer discovery and industry outreach conducted related to a product, process, or software that embodies or uses the invention; who was contacted and their feedback (or list names of contacts at companies that you plan to approach)

· Status of R&D efforts and funding support (past, current, or pending)

· Technology Readiness Level ("TRL") projected by end of TAF project

· Use of funds, and project milestones and impacts, from the business and technical perspectives

· Interest, if any, by proposing team in building a start-up around the technology

EIP will assess and invite full proposals.

3. Full-Proposal

· Addresses the 10 required sections outlined in the RFP

· Letter(s) of support or interest from suppliers, customers, strategic partners, investor groups


· March 5, 2019 – Statements of Interest to EIP

· March 15, 2019 – Invitations by EIP to submit pre-proposals

· April 1, 2019 – Pre-proposals to EIP

· April 8, 2019 – Invitations by EIP to submit full proposals

· April 18, 2019 – Draft full proposals to EIP

· May 1, 2019 – Full proposals (max. of 2) to Office of Sponsored Programs

· May 3, 2019 – Full proposals to RF SUNY (Albany)


For more information, contact Scott Hancock, Director of IP Management & Licensing. 


The Global NY Fund

The Global NY team is coming to the Southern Tier to introduce the $35 million Global NY Fund, which provides loans and grants to help New York State’s small and medium-sized businesses start exporting or increase their global export sales. Grants are also available to non-profits that provide export assistance and trade education to NYS companies.

For more information or to RSVP to the event, please e-mail or call:  • (212) 803-2300



The Agency announced on 8/12/15 that funds are available for existing Broome County businesses through the Grow Broome Fund. The Grow Broome Fund has up to $2 million available for lending to eligible small businesses.

Find out more here.

New York Ventures

New York Ventures has created a program dedicated to encouraging innovation and fueling economic growth in communities across the state.  This program will oversee the State's innovation investment funds, which provides financial capital to early-stage, technology-based businesses, and include the NYS Innovation Venture Capital Fund, a $100 million multi stage fund; the Innovate NY Fund, a $45 million seed-stage fund; and the Minority and Women - Owned Business Investment Fund (MWBE), a $2 million seed-stage fund.

For more information regarding New York Ventures.


Broome County, The Agency Incentive Programs
  • Taxable Industrial Development Bonds
  • Tax Exempt Industrial Development Bonds
  • Sale Lease Back Transactions
  • Southern Tier East Economic Development (STEED)
  • Title IX Economic Adjustment Revolving Loan Fund Program

For more information regarding these programs, visit the Broome County IDA website

Town of Union Loan Programs
  • Town of Union Business Assistance Loan Program
  • Central Business District Loan Program
  • Commercial Facade Loan Program
  • Section 108 Financing
  • Site Preparation Loan Program
  • E3 Loan Program
  • Microenterprise Loan
  • Town of Union Local Development Corporation

For more information regarding these programs, visit the Town of Union website.

Binghamton Local Development Corporation Incentive Programs
  • Revolving Loan Fund Program
  • Microenterprise Loan ProgramCommercial Façade Improvement Loan
  • Energy Efficiency / Green Jobs Revolving Loan Fund
  • Broome County Local Development Corporation

For more information regarding these programs, visit the City of Binghamton website.



OneStart is the world's largest life sciences and healthcare startup accelerator program - welcoming ideas focused on the improvement of human health including; therapeutics, diagnostics, software, devices, research tools, and more.

OneStart welcomes ideas and businesses at all stages of development, from the very early to more mature (see our FAQs). Our programme provides extensive mentoring and support up to 70 teams each year (not just the winner). As a result, each year multiple entrants secure follow-on funding.

OneStart is offering $150k in non-dilutive funding and free lab space for your business.

Find out more and apply here!


Governor Cuomo announces $5 million biotech start up competition

This competition is to stimulate growth in the biotech industry.  The following industries will be eligible:

-Drugs & Pharmaceuticals
-Medical Devices & Equipment
-Research, Testing & Medical Labs
-Bio-science-Related Distribution
-Agricultural Feedstock & Chemicals

For more information, click here!

Last Updated: 1/21/19