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Sovereign Vines

Sovereign Vines is a line of premium hemp-infused wine, the only of its kind in America. Critics have described it as an elegant blend of New York wine and refreshing earthy notes of hemp, providing for a completely unique wine experience. Look for us in liquor stores by January of 2017!


In the News

Hemp-Infused Wine Unique to the Southern Tier
2/20/17 by Monika Hammer

"I reached out to the Binghamton University office of entrepreneurship they kind of told me while it's a good idea, you have a lot of work ahead of you kid, and there you go," Castetter said.  


Binghamton University entrepreneur kicks off hemp wine venture
2/19/17 by Brendan Zarkower

“We are using a unique oil from the hemp plant that delivers a distinctive flavor and aromatic quality,” said Castetter, who is majoring in political science.


Family Affair: BU Student Launches First Hemp-Infused Wine in the Nation
2/17/17 by Vince Briga

Just last week, Sovereign Vine was born.

"To say I'm shocked is an understatement," said Jim Castetter, the president of Innovative Bottling. "I never thought this product would come back, especially in my family. I had really moved on with my life and started doing other things."


JC Winery to Sell Country's Only Hemp-Infused Wine
2/15/17 by Matt Steecker



Hemp-Wine Company Launches Product
2/11/17 - By Jonathan Gordon



BU Student Launches Hemp Business
PipeDream - By Brendan Zarkower, Erica Prush and Andre Gomez

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