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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships

Office Staff

Stromhaug Per
Per Stromhaug
Associate Vice President for Innovation and Economic Development
(607) 777-5873

Per Stromhaug oversees the office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships, including tech-transfer activities, the Start-up Suite, entrepreneurial support and economic growth initiatives. He also oversees the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator in downtown Binghamton and is the lead contact for the START-UP NY initiative at Binghamton University.

Olga Petrova
Olga Petrova
Assistant Director
(607) 777-5088

Olga Petrova manages the life sciences and biomedical portfolio for E&IP, facilitating patenting and commercialization of new technologies arising from Binghamton University research. She also oversees the Binghamton Acceleration of Cleantech Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (XCEED) program and serves as coordinator and instructor for the Innovation Binghamton I-Corps Site.

Amy Breski
Amy Breski
Administrative Assistant
(607) 777-5870

Amy Breski is the administrative assistant for the E&IP office, supporting all staff as well as the assistant vice president. Her role is critical in the daily operations of the department and assists in the planning and execution of events both on campus and at the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator. She supports the startup companies located at the Innovative Technologies Complex (ITC) as well as the office's technology transfer activities. Breski makes arrangements for our visitors and welcomes them at the ITC office.

Scott Hancock
Scott Hancock
Director, IP Management and Licensing
(607) 777-5874

Scott Hancock takes the lead in transferring University technologies to company commercialization partners. His responsibilities include establishing the business case for inventions, building the campus patent portfolio, marketing technologies, and negotiating options and licenses. He also crafts confidentiality, material transfer and inter-institutional agreements in service to faculty and research center projects. Hancock works closely with the Office of Sponsored Programs in shaping intellectual property right terms and conditions in research contracts.


Fabiola Moreno Olivas
Technology Licensing Assistant

Fabiola is a recent PhD graduate from Binghamton University's Biomedical Engineering department. She reviews invention disclosures in the life sciences and biomedical fields, evaluating their market potential, as well as their position compared with other technologies available. She also assists with the marketing of current technologies, as well as with outreach efforts pertaining the current BU IP portfolio.

Laura Holmes
Laura Holmes
Director of Incubator Operations
(607) 777-5871

Laura Holmes is the Director of Incubator Operations of the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships at Binghamton University and leads the team that manages the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator. She is the lead on community outreach and economic engagement efforts centered around the Koffman and serves as a liaison between the incubator and community stakeholders.

Michael Jagielski
Michael Jagielski
Program Director of the Southern Tier Clean Energy Incubator
(607) 777-5096

Michael (Mike) Jagielski is a seasoned business executive and technology entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience working with CEOs of companies ranging from SMB to Fortune 100. For 8 years he served as COO of Micatu Inc. , the "grand prize winner" of the inaugural 76West Clean Energy Competition. Leveraging his expertise in the areas of Big Data Analytics, Solution Sales Methodologies and Business Monetization Strategies, he has the tools and passion to progress clean energy companies within the SCI program.

Eric Krohn
Eric Krohn
Director of Business Incubation
(607) 288-2309

Eric Krohn is a successful inventor and entrepreneur who leverages his experience in guiding and mentoring companies at the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator and the Innovative Technologies Complex. As director of business incubation, he facilitates programming to help startups grow and succeed, with an emphasis on high-tech, high-growth ventures. Krohn's companies include Gyro Heat Technologies, b-Safe Products and Cubed Naturals.

Emma Baudendistel
Emma Smith
Clean Energy Program Administrator

Emma Smith provides extensive support to the Southern Tier Clean Tech Incubator, recruiting companies to the region and working directly with NYSERDA on grant milestones and the 76West program. She serves as a key coordinator in event planning and maintains the customer relationship management tool for the entire Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships.

Tony Frontera
Anthony Frontera
Entrepreneur in Residence
(607) 777-4120

Tony Frontera is a lecturer in entrepreneurship at Binghamton University with 25 years of sales and management experience in specialty retailing and manufacturing. He also has a background in marketing through his time heading up marketing for the McIntosh Laboratory. 

Cory Kimmell
Cory Kimmell
Integrated Marketing and Communication Specialist
(607) 442-4869

Cory Kimmell combines strategy with creativity in order to further the marketing and communication critical to the many facets the Office of E&IP. His duties include logo and print material design, content creation, press management, website design, magazine layout, strategic promotion, small business consulting, marketing strategy creation and implementation -- among other duties. Through these efforts, he attracts business and community interest to our programs and events. He visually and verbally portrays ongoings, in-turn attracting funding and other opportunities to the office. 

Julia Carmel
Steve Pierce
Building Administrator 

Steve Pierce navigates the complexities of the Koffman Incubator's unique facility and tenant needs. He oversees the health of the building through coordinating proper maintenance, upkeep and upgrades. Pierce works with tenants to best assist requests, bookings and issues as they present themselves.

Nick Zwierlein
Client Relationship Manager

As the Client Relationship Manager, Nick helps the Koffman Incubator manage relationships with existing clients and stakeholders to maximize the impact of the incubator programs and resources. In addition, he recruits promising ventures with high growth potential. Nick’s efforts help develop deeper connections with local business community, partners, investors, and stakeholders to further the mission of developing a diverse and supportive ecosystem.

Sharon Malone
Sharon Malone
Koffman Concierge
(607) 777-5094

Sharon Malone welcomes the many faces that pass through the Koffman Incubator. Situated at the front desk, she specializes in passing critical information to tenants and co-workers. Malone directs visitors to the companies and events they are in the building to see. She assists the incubator team by maintaining an organized lobby, ensuring a welcoming environment greets all that enter it.



Last Updated: 9/14/21