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Biosketch Workshop 

September 26, 2019  | 12:30 - 2 pm  | University Union UUW-325

Biographical sketch and curriculum vitae documents are critical for grant applications, promotions and other communications where establishing credibility is important. Online tools such as ORCID and SciENcv are accepted and used increasingly by funding agencies, publishers and research institutions to consolidate biographical information and produce biosketches in a desired format. Come learn more about what these tools are, how they work together and what you can do to polish the content that goes into your biosketch. This workshop will include experienced faculty along with research development and library staff that will work with participants in developing their biosketches. The planned agenda can be seen here.

Registration and Homework

Please register by filling in the form below. 

If you would like to have feedback, plan to bring a paper copy of your CV or biosketch in the NIH or NSF format (or the specified format of another agency that pertains to your work). Also bring a laptop, if possible.

You may also wish to create an ORCID ID for yourself, and then use SciENcv to generate your NIH or NSF biosketch prior to the workshop so that you can bring any questions you have about these tools to the discussion.

Please feel free to contact the organizer with any questions:

Robert Lawrence
Division of Research, Office of Strategic Research Initiatives

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