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Broader Impacts of Research

Binghamton University has a strong record of public engagement and outreach. Faculty, staff, and students at Binghamton are linked to the communities they study or engage with, forming relationships with many outside of the university. Binghamton researchers perform public outreach in various ways, such as working towards the inclusion of underrepresented groups of people, graduate and undergraduate training, K-12 educational outreach, community engagement, economic development, and communicating about their work to groups outside of the academy. Such outreach requires thought, skill, and the dedication of resources.
As a way to help researchers who are active in public outreach, encourage other researchers to include outreach in their projects, and improve funding proposals in a funding climate that encourages community outreach, the Office of Strategic Research Initiatives has embarked on an internally funded project to collect case studies and best practices about broader impacts work at Binghamton. When completed we will be able to assist researchers with the public engagement portion of their projects at Binghamton University.

The proposed initiative has three objectives:

1. Conduct a campus wide survey and inventory of broader impacts and public outreach programs currently available on campus;

2. Develop recommendations for support services that the Office of Strategic Research Initiatives can offer; and
3. Engage Binghamton in the national conversation about broader impacts.

Our general goals for this program, aligned with Binghamton's strategic plan, include:

• Enriching collaborative culture for research, scholarship and creative production
• Increasing the transformational impact of the university's research, scholarship, on society
• Increasing research, scholarship and creative activities to that of a premier public university
• Showing communities outside of Binghamton University the relevance and benefit of our research

Our more specific goals include

• Identify broader impacts and public outreach programs on campus
• Identify any gaps or needs for broader impact programs
• Develop a steering committee to address broader impact issues on campus, such as increasing diversity in research, undergraduate and graduate training, and public outreach
• Work with faculty, researchers, and program coordinators on developing best practices for broader impact programs
• Establish an interactive database of available broader impact programs that researchers could use to help with their projects' broader impacts

If you have any questions or comments that may help us in achieving our broader impact goals, or are interested in working with us on this effort, please let us know; Michael Jacobson at

Last Updated: 3/7/19