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The Office of Strategic Research Initiatives provides informational briefs on Binghamton University programs, activities, outcomes, and rankings for internal use. We recommend that you use these briefs to inform your project design and strengthen your proposals to external funders.

This material is developed through interviews with key faculty, staff, or students, participation in university activities and events, analysis of institutional, state or national datasets, and review of relevant literature. The briefs are updated regularly and provide attribution for data sources if you seek more current data or would like to inquire about more information. 


Information on campus programs:

General guidance
Student information
Campus infrastructure and Resources


Resources for NSF proposals

Resources for NIH proposals:

Resources for DoD proposals:


Examples of the University Briefs that are in development and will soon be available are:

  • Centralized core facilities across campus
  • Regional Economic Development
  • Undergraduate Education
  • STEM Graduate Education


Please note: If you have any information to add to these briefs or suggestions for other briefs to develop, please contact our office at (607) 777-2931 or email us at well in advance of your submission deadline to discuss your needs.


Last Updated: 6/15/22