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Coronavirus Updates

Return to Research

Binghamton University plans to enable research, scholarly and creative activities (RSCA) to resume in line with standards set by New York state and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Our Return to Research subcommittee, in consultation with Environmental Health and Safety experts and the Public Health Advisory Group, created a set of protocols and expectations that will govern our return to these activities. Here you'll find guidance documents as well as applicable forms that must be completed before you return to campus spaces such as laboratories and studios, conduct off-site field work, or resume certain types of research with humans subjects. Our aim is to allow as many groups to resume these activities as possible while at the same time ensuring that people are able to access appropriate protective gear, significantly reduce density in our facilities and follow social distancing guidelines. The current protocols apply to wet and dry labs, studios and multi-user facilities, and certain research with humans subjects.  The campus libraries are developing a separate set of protocols. Faculty members who apply to resume research, scholarly and creative activities should have an answer within five days of submitting an application. These protocols will likely evolve as new information becomes available and as new issues arise. 

Return to RSCA applications and guidance documents

Binghamton research town hall meetings

The Division of Research will hold town hall meetings with the research community on an ongoing basis to provide updates about the campus' response to the coronavirus. The meetings will be recorded so people can watch them later if they're unable to attend.

Oct. 2: Welcome for new faculty led by Bahgat Sammakia and Terry Deak

July 31: Faculty start-up Q&A led by Paul Parker

July 1: Town hall led by Vice President Bahgat Sammakia

June 10: Town hall led by Vice President Bahgat Sammakia

May 27 : Town hall led by Vice President Bahgat Sammakia

May 20: Town hall led by Vice President Bahgat Sammakia

April 22: Town hall led by Vice President Bahgat Sammakia 


Obtaining PPE

The Office of Emergency Management can provide a modest amount of supplies while everyone is trying to restock their PPE. The office has procedural (ear loop) masks, nitrile gloves, hand sanitizer and some N95 masks. OEM has a list of vendors that are advertising PPE, which is posted on the Return to Research page.

Contact Dave Hubeny in OEM for details:

Vendors that have contacted the campus to offer PPE sales include: 

Researchers looking for N95 masks may also wish to consider two alternatives:

  • KN95
    These masks are manufactured to a different standard than N95 masks so they may not meet everyone’s needs. The researcher must thoroughly investigate the appropriateness of these masks.
  • Half-Face Respirator with P-100 Cartridge
    These provide a higher level of protection than N95 masks. Different cartridges are available and can be ordered based upon the individual needs of the lab. Fit tests from EH&S will be required.


Professional Development for Researchers

While it's difficult to gather in person for professional development programs, the Division of Research will coordinate a series of brief lunchtime workshops. They'll be recorded so people can access the content at their convenience.

Aug. 19: NSF Instrumentation Workshop with Robert Lawrence and Tanja Demauro

June 17: A Webinar on Webinars with Rachel Coker

Slide deck (PowerPoint)

One-page tip sheet

June 3: Updating Your NSF Biosketch with Robert Lawrence (Powerpoint presentation file)

May 6: Making an Impact from Page One led by Kevin Boettcher

April 29: Broader Impacts Refresher led by Michael Jacobson 


Binghamton University is involved in multiple COVID-19-related research projects and is sharing information derived therefrom on an expedited basis for the public benefit in an effort to address urgent needs during the current health crisis. All of the work, designs, methods, prototypes, information and data contained herein (the “Content”) has not been subjected to scientific or governmental regulatory review and is being made available on an as-is, with all faults basis. The University makes no warranties or representations of any kind (express or implied) relating to the Content, including without limitation as to the accuracy, safety, usefulness, usability, marketability, performance or compliant nature thereof, and expressly disclaims all such warranties and representations, including without limitation all warranties of title, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Individuals or entities using or attempting to use the Content in any way, including to create or offer products or services based on or incorporating the same, assume all risk and responsibility arising from such use or attempted use, including as it relates to legal and regulatory compliance, safety, efficacy, performance, design, marketability, title, infringement of third-party rights and quality.


Please note: Materials on this page relate directly to research. The campus maintains a central Coronavirus resource page at



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Last Updated: 10/2/20