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Binghamton University plans to enable research and creative activities to resume in line with standards set by New York state and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Our Return to Research subcommittee, in consultation with Environmental Health and Safety experts and the Public Health Advisory Group, created a set of protocols and expectations that will govern our return to research. Here you'll find guidance documents as well as applicabel forms that must be completed before you return to campus spaces such as laboratories and studios or to off-site field work.

Our aim is to allow as many groups to resume research activities as possible while at the same time ensuring that people are able to access appropriate protective gear, significantly reduce density in our facilities and follow social distancing guidelines. These protocols apply to wet and dry labs, studios and multi-user facilities, and certian types of researh with humans subjects.  The campus libraries are developing a separate set of protocols. Faculty members who apply to resume research activities should have an answer within five days of receipt of a complete and accurate application. These protocols will likely evolve as new information becomes available and as new issues arise. 

Note: The first step when you complete this form is to send it to Environmental Health and Safety at Further details from EH&S are available online. Additional approvals from your department chair and dean will be required. After those signatures are in place, completed applications should go to

Recommendations for COVID-19 Prevention in Research Facilities



Note: Effective 07/10/2020, the Return to Research process now includes Phase I for research that involves human subjects. Please see the Return to Research-Human Subjects application form below and the Human Subjects Guidance under Supplemental Materials  for the necessary information to prepare and submit an application. Please contact the IRB office at for guidance prior to preparing your application. 

Return to In-person Research with Human Subjects Request Form


Start Up Suite at the Innovative Technologies Complex Application for Return to Research



Non-Compliance Reporting

If you would like to report an instance of non compliance as delineated in Public Health Advisory, please fill out the form below.

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