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Vision Statement

We are a department of caring and talented educators who strive to challenge and support our students' holistic development.

Our collegiate structure furthers the academic mission of the University by providing a seamless learning environment where we value the diversity of our students, staff and faculty.

Our quality programs and services seek to meet the ever-changing needs of our students and develop them as the engaged global citizens of tomorrow.

Talented Staff

We recruit, select and train talented professional, paraprofessional, Collegiate Professor and support staff members who demonstrate their skill through their previous employment, education and leadership experiences. As talented educators we celebrate our accomplishments and share them with the entire campus community.  To achieve this, we collaborate with other departments and take advantage of educational moments to challenge our students to grow. We foster our staff members' realizations of their personal and professional goals.

Valuing Diversity

In support of Binghamton's inclusive community, the Office of Residential Life values diversity in all aspects of our work. We hire a diverse staff, facilitate ongoing diversity training, and support our student population. The department challenges our students to think beyond their own personal background and experiences to foster an environment of mutual learning and respect.

Meeting Changing Needs

The department is committed to making student processes as seamless as possible. We strive to evolve with technology and meet our students' needs for access to information and resources while maintaining a personal connection. As we look to the future, we assess our current facilities and practices to plan for the needs of tomorrow.

Collegiate Structure

Our collegiate structure creates a small school feeling at a mid-size university. This structure is comprised of our six residential colleges/communities. Each of these has a Collegiate Professor and Faculty Fellows who bridge academic and student affairs. The living-learning environment includes distinct course offerings which afford students the unique opportunity to take classes with their fellow residential college/community members.


Last Updated: 11/7/17