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A Brief History of Dickinson Community

Click Here to See Compilation Story Book of Dickinson History - as compiled by Libby Tucker 

1958-1960 Buildings built
1958-1966 Loose-knit communities, halls interdependent, no collegiate structure
1966 (January) "Colville report" (Committee on Collegiate Structure)
Fall 1967 Acting on Colville report, area became Dickinson College
Master: Paul Smith
5 Halls, (Rafuse graduate hall)
Fall 1969 Master: Carrol Coates
Fall 1972 Digman joins Rafuse as graduate hall
Four halls: Johnson, Champlain, Whitney, O'Connor - Dickinson College
Spring 1973 College-in-the-Woods (CIW) opens; Whitney and Champlain students go to CIW
Fall 1973 Rest of Dickinson students go to CIW
Johnson, Whitney, O'Connor, Champlain, unoccupied through spring of 1974
1974-1975 Champlain becomes part of Newing
Johnson, O'Connor become part of CIW
Whitney becomes 3rd graduate hall
Fall 1975 Johnson, O'Connor, Champlain reorganize to form Dickinson Community
Rafuse, Digman, Whitney are graduate communities.
Fall 1980 Whitney becomes part of Dickinson Community
Fall 1984 Rafuse and Digman become part of Dickinson
Fall 1985 Steve Erber becomes third Master of Dickinson
Winter 1985 Maria Carra becomes Coordinator of Dickinson
Spring 1990 Suzanne Howell becomes Coordinator of Dickinson
Fall 1991 Libby Tucker becomes 4th Master of Dickinson
Fall 1997 Full-time Resident Directors come to Dickinson
Fall 1998 East Wing of Digman Hall closed for repair; reopened in Spring, 1999
Fall 1998 - Spring 1999 Dickinson celebrates its 40th anniversary with a time capsule, a tree-planting, and cake
Fall 1999 Stan Masters becomes 5th Master of Dickinson
Fall 2000 Dickinson has its first Discovery Assistant
Fall 2001 A Learning Community was established in Dickinson for the first time
2001/02 BU President DeFleur became a Dickinson Fellow
Winter 2001 First Dick-@-Nite
Summer 2002 Carl Cohen becomes AD of Dickinson
July 2003 Burrell Montz becomes 6th Faculty Master of Dickinson
Sharon O’Neill becomes Assistant Director of Dickinson
Fall 2004 Dickinson celebrates its 45th anniversary during Homecoming Weekend
Dickinson wins campus Recyclemania contest
July 2008 Jeffrey Horowitz becomes Assistant Director of Dickinson
Jeff Barker becomes 7th Faculty Master of Dickinson
August 2012 Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center opens - closing O'Connor Hall and relocating the Dickinson Area Office and the Dickinson Dining Hall
August 2013 Rafuse, O'Connor, and Johnson Halls move to the new location with Digman opening in January 2014.
The old halls are being reconstructed as student service offices.
August 2014 Diana Castellanos becomes Assistant Director of Dickinson.
All four new buildings fully open.
July 2015 Kim Jaussi becomes 8th Faculty Master of Dickinson.


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