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Dickinson Community

Dickinson Community, "the Original Community", is the birthplace of the residential collegiate system at Binghamton University. Dickinson was the first area built and became a model for all the others. In the Fall of 2013 Dickinson Community will move from the original six residence halls (Champlain, Digman, Johnson, O'Connor, Rafuse and Whitney) to four new halls (Digman, Johnson, O'Connor and Rafuse) designed to meet all modern standards of safety, functionality and comfort.  The original buildings will be re-purposed for academic support offices.  Dickinson has long been known as the most diverse and social community.  Our residents also have the reputation of being serious students, involved in a variety of campus organizations and activities.  This reputation has been earned over the decades of our history, and we fully expect to take this character to the new buildings.

Floor plan of flatsRooms in the new Dickinson Community residence halls are clustered into "flats" consisting of either four single rooms or two doubles and a single.  Each flat shares two bathrooms and an entry vestibule.  Flats are clustered into "neighborhoods", each of which has a lounge and a resident assistant (RA).  There will typically be three neighborhoods per floor and five or six floors per building.  While this is a departure from the corridor style rooms and shared bathrooms of the original Dickinson, the shared lounges and neighborhood feeling should help maintain the friendly environment Dickinson has become known for.

In each hall you will find a great room lounge, a multi-purpose room designed for hall-based courses, a laundry room with an adjoining laundry lounge, and a recreational game room.  Each building is managed by a professional Resident Director (RD) and a current graduate student Assistant Resident Coordinator (ARC), each of whom lives in the building and maintains an office there.

The common space between the four new Dickinson buildings will include a co-rec playing field, a sand volleyball court, a basketball court and, yes, a swing set.  At the entrance to the community you will find Dickinson's iconic meeting spot, "The Object".  At the other side of the common area, nestled up against the woods, is the Gazebo, which Dickinson students earned by winning an energy conservation contest a few years ago.

The Chenango-Champlain Collegiate Center (C4), which opened in 2011, houses the Dickinson Community office and the  Fireplace Lounge, location of Dickinson Town Council meetings, Dickinson Forum lectures, Open Mic performances and comfortable study space.  The Libby Tucker Room provides a quiet work space for studying or group projects.  The dining hall is on the lower level.  While the serving area is shared with Newing College, Dickinson has its own eating area, and serves as a natural place to meet friends.  Also shared with Newing are the Discovery Center and the Multi-purpose room.  The Discovery Center includes tutoring space, offices to meet with Discovery Advisors (DAs), a Public Speaking Skills resource room, and a number of public PCs and printers.  The Multi-purpose room can be opened into one large space or divided into six classrooms.  This is where we hold area-based sections of classes, limited to Dickinson residents only.  The Multi-purpose room is also the home of the Dickinson Community Players, our student-run theater group.  Other times the Multi-purpose room is used for blood drives, campus-wide gatherings, and Dickinson programming events.



Last Updated: 8/20/15