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Room styles

Floor plan of flatsRooms in the Dickinson Community residence halls are clustered into "flats" or "doubles." Doubles are two bedrooms and a bath. Flats consist of either four single rooms or two doubles and a single. Each flat shares two bathrooms and an entry vestibule. Flats are clustered into "neighborhoods", each of which has a lounge and a resident assistant (RA). There will typically be three neighborhoods per floor and five or six floors per building. While this is a departure from the corridor style rooms and shared bathrooms of the original Dickinson, the shared lounges and neighborhood feeling should help maintain the friendly environment Dickinson has become known for.

In each hall you will find a great room lounge, a multi-purpose room designed for hall-based courses, a laundry room with an adjoining laundry lounge, and a recreational game room. Each building is managed by a professional Resident Director (RD) and a current graduate student Assistant Resident Coordinator (ARC), each of whom lives in the building and maintains an office there.

For a 3D model of a typical suite in Dickinson click here.

Health and Wellness Community

New in fall 2016, the Health and Wellness Hall at Old Digman is a freshmen only building featuring two-person, corridor style with a health and wellness theme. For renderings and information, go here >


Last Updated: 8/21/16