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"The Object"

“The Object” at Dickinson was designed and built with discarded wooden railroad ties by Harpur alumnus Don Walford in June 1967 in partial fulfillment of his undergraduate degree requirements.Walford showing the plans for "the object" to a student

Originally titled “Construction No. 3,” this sculpture has served Dickinson for 42 years as an icon — first for Dickinson College and now for Dickinson Community.

In fall 1967, Dickinson residents renamed the sculpture “collegiate structure” to recognize Dickinson College as the first residential college on the Binghamton University campus. In 1974, Dickinson was renamed “Dickinson Community” and Walford’s sculpture was renamed “the object,” a reference that continues to this day. Don Walford ’67 returned to campus from his Colorado home for Dickinson’s 50th anniversary celebration to rebuild “the object” using environmentally friendly materials.

Support Dickinson Community!

Dickinson Community invites you to leave a permanent legacy of your time in Dickinson and support Dickinson by reserving a personalized plaque that will be affixed to the rebuilt “the object.”

Every plaque purchased will support Dickinson Community and contribute to its excellence as a living learning community. Your uniquely inscribed plaque will become permanently attached to Dickinson’s “the object.”

You may purchase a plaque in your name or in the name of a current Dickinson resident, a current or former Dickinson roommate, a spouse, parent, faculty or staff member, or friend. You may purchase a plaque as a gift. A plaque is also a great way to honor or memorialize a friend or loved one or to commemorate your time as a Dickinson resident.

Plaque Size

For a gift of $250, a 7” square engraved plaque made from weather-resistant phenolic composite with an aluminized surface will be installed with your personalized message on “the object.” Each plaque can be inscribed with up to five lines of lettering.

The new "the object"How to Reserve a Plaque

Support Dickinson Community’s living learning community by completing the plaque reservation form and sending it with your gift to the Binghamton University Foundation.

Alternatively, support Dickinson with an annual gift

Consider supporting Dickinson Community on an annual basis. Both small and large donations help to support the Dickinson Community living-learning environment. To give a gift, visit Binghamton’s giving website.  Directions for online giving or giving by mail or by phone are included on this website. Please indicate that your gift is to “Dickinson Community Fund (Account#10425).   Your gift is tax deductible as allowed by law.

More Photos of the Rebuilding of The Object:

Building the Object - Friday - October 2nd

Building the Object - Saturday - October 3rd

Building the Object - Saturday - October 3rd Continued

Video of the Object

Last Updated: 4/27/18