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Dynamo and Cirrus

Just east of the Hinman Commons stand DYNAMO and CIRRUS, two complementary sculptures that together suggest the yin and yang of Hinman College.  DYNAMO and CIRRUS were the creations of Binghamton student Robert Penfield in 1972-1973. Over time, the original structures became too decayed, so that in 2011, a team of students from the Watson School of Engineering, replaced the structures. Directed by Professor of Art Jim Stark.  DYNAMO was recreated by Simon Frankel, Robert Parish, and Wing Wong; CIRRUS by Jack O’Toole and Brett Saltzman.


As a machine that generates electricity, DYNAMO suggests Hinman's energy and power.


CIRRUS, a type of high feathery cloud, connotes Hinman's creativity and aspiration.


Last Updated: 8/23/15