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50th Anniversary Project:
Hinman Hill

What will be the legacy of our celebration of Hinman's 50th Anniversary? What can we do, collectively, that would make our beloved community a better and more attractive place for students? Will there be something we'll point to, down the road, and say, "THAT dates back to 2017 and the 50th anniversary celebration?"

Support of the Hinman Enhancement Fund can be a way to leave something behind for future generations of students. Imagine a Hinman Hill that is more user-friendly, and that transforms from an underdeveloped space to one that's much more inviting. Our long-term vision, contingent upon reaching a significant level of support, is to create terraces on the hill, a patio and a carved masonry sign that says "HINMAN COLLEGE." The hill would be a gathering place for future student and alumni events, and a focal point of even greater Hinman pride.

To learn more about the Hinman Enhancement Fund, and how you can make an impact through this exciting new initiative, contact Corey Lemon.

See architectural plans here.

Last Updated: 12/11/17