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Hinman's 50th

History of Hinman College

Welcome to Hinman College, opened in 1967. Hinman was the first of Binghamton's
residential colleges to adapt models which go back to the founding of Oxford and Cambridge Universities in medieval England. Like the historic colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, Hinman creates a small-college environment within a big university, and over the years has become a residential community rich in traditions and student loyalty.

Hinman was named after New York State Senator Harvey D. Hinman, one of the local community leaders who in 1949 helped re-establish Harpur College as the State University of New York at Binghamton. The buildings in Hinman College are named after New York State governors (Teddy Roosevelt, Herbert Lehman, Alfred Smith, Charles Hughes, and Grover Cleveland). Hinman's Nelson A. Rockefeller Collegiate Center is also named after a NY governor. Hinman residents follow in the footsteps of these giants, moving forward to be impactful and influential leaders..

Hinman turns 50!

This year, we're celebrating Hinman's 50th anniversary. During Homecoming weekend, several generations of Hinmanites returned to commemorate a half century of service, leadership and community. Missed the celebration? Take a look at some of the highlights:

Hinman 50th Anniversary Banquet Program – contains a glossary of Hinman pop culture

Celebrating 50 Years of Hinman – with photos from University Archives

Hinman Timeline – a visual representation of Hinman College since 1967

50th Anniversary Project: Hinman Hill – planning a tangible legacy for future students

Hinman History Project

Brent Gotsch (class of 2007) has written a comprehensive history of Hinman, with the title Hinman College: The First 40 Years.

Last Updated: 1/11/18