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Hinman Fellows Program

Hinman Fellows have been involved with programs such as Dorm Wars, Hinman Hysteria, test-taking strategy programs, mixers, mentoring/advising programs, informal lunches, advising fairs, brainstorming sessions, panel discussions, debates, and Freshstart - to name a few! Fellows are also available to give students support, both personally and academically. Hinman has a long tradition of Fellows lunch every Friday noon in the Hinman dining hall, when students, staff, and faculty interact and eat together.

Student Fellows

Student fellows are Hinman alums (typically juniors and seniors) who loved their Hinman experience but have moved off campus or to another community. They want to stay involved and give back to Hinman.  They love to be invited to things!

Abby Arnold

Casey Barrett

Lauren Binnert

Catherine Brophy

Ryan Cadwell Dane Carlson
Talya Cedeno Michael Chu

Victor DeBellis

Amber Decker McKenzie Delisle Alex Gerin
Clare Gilroy Brendan Graney Philip Guinto Hasan Hasmani Katrina Hua Alex Lam
Samantha Liebowitz Casey Marlow JP Meyer Kate Moskowitz Jordan Musante Jessica Pino
Stephen Renn

Lia Saliba

Marlena Santos Justine Seliger Kojo Senoo Ryan Sheppard
Shakib Uddin Emily Wright Sonja Zabala      

Collegiate Fellows

Hinman's Faculty Fellows program is designed to connect student-centered faculty and staff with students living in Hinman. We have about 20 Faculty Fellows, several of whom are Hinman alumni. Fellows are faculty and staff members who enjoy and are committed to interacting with students both inside and outside the classroom. Fellows are excellent resource people for students. Of their many roles, Fellows take part in a variety of programs in each collegiate area.

Ken Baumann Dave Hubeny Steve Knepp Josué Quiñones
Danielle Britton Jazell Johnson Dina Layish Tim Perry
Chris Cullinane Taumi Kalcich Kevin Lobdell Jill Seymour
Merrit Harblay Rebecca Khan Paola Mignone John Vassello 

Fellows are great people - get to know them or get to be one!

  • Invite a Fellow to lunch or dinner at the Hinman Dining Hall.
  • Invite a Fellow to do a program in your hall or for your floor.
  • Invite a fellow to a mixer in your hall or for your floor.
  • Suggest program ideas involving Fellows to your RA, RD, or Academic Vice President.
  • Interested in becoming a student fellow? Talk to Al!


Last Updated: 8/23/16