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Learning Communities

At Binghamton Residential Life, learning communities are part of the residential college model. Classes and experiences are designed for each community to foster interaction and learning within a smaller group. Each community has its own theme with area-based classes that are relevant and reserved just for residents. Residents who sign up for learning communities are usually housed together and have opportunities to participate in special group service projects, workshops and field trips with other students sharing similar interests and goals.

Learn more about each learning community on the area's web pages. You will be able to apply for a learning community when you go through the housing process. Most learning communities will request additional information from you about your interest –  see each community's living and learning page.

Achieving Leadership In Volunteer Experiences (ALIVE)

at Hinman College

Hinman's Public Service Learning Community (PSLC) is a recommended option for students who are dedicated to making a difference through civic-engagement courses and active volunteer service in the greater Binghamton community. New members of the PSLC live in Hughes Hall on the same floor with other like-minded students. Through academic courses, workshops, field trips, group service projects, and social activities, PSLC residents have the opportunity to:

  • become active, knowledgeable volunteers in the greater Binghamton community
  • explore jobs and careers in non-profit organizations and agencies
  • make friends with students with similar interests and goals
  • heighten their awareness of cultural and social diversity within society
  • develop the skills they need to step up into leadership roles
  • increase their dedication to responsible living and exemplary service to society
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CoRE – Computers, Robotics and Engineering

at Dickinson Community

CoRE is a special interest housing community located in the Dickinson Community in Binghamton University. We are a collection of students that share common interests in Computers, Robotics, and Engineering (CoRE!). Together we create an awesome and diverse student body with majors ranging from English and Geology to Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. Together we work as a group to promote technological awareness both in ourselves and in our community.

You may be asking yourself, why live on CoRE? Well, for starters, you get to live with people that are just like you! We all like the same things and share commons interests, we can guarantee you will be making friends right away. Our residential floor is the most social and tight knit floor on campus, hands down. When we get visitors from other floors, they are shocked to see how social and friendly our floor really is.

So if you like computers, robotics or engineering and you also like making friends and being a part of awesome events that help out your community, CoRE is the place for you. We guarantee it will take your experiences at Binghamton University to a whole new level both academically, and socially.

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at Mountainview College

The Engineering Community (EC) at Mountainview College provides an excellent opportunity for incoming freshmen, who have had some experience with engineering while in high school, to meet other engineering students with similar backgrounds.  Students, who have participated in Project Lead the Way, New Visions Engineering, or any one of many summer programs for prospective engineering students are invited to apply for the EC.  Students who participate in the EC adjust better to academic life and make a deeper connection with the campus community.

Students who are part of the Engineering Community have access to many benefits:

  • In the same small course sections (WTSN 103 and WTSN 111) with people in your residence hall
  • Participate in residence hall study sessions
  • Go on field trips conducted by a Watson faculty member
  • Get to know faculty in the Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science in small group settings
  • Take advantage of residence hall programs focusing on engineering
  • Be one of the 24 students to make friends while immersing yourself in the Engineering Community

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at Dickinson Community

“Entrepreneurship is a way of looking at the world – seeing opportunities where others see problems, and knowing when to take calculated risks.” - Binghamton University’s Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships

ELC is special-interest housing bringing together students from a variety of majors and skill sets, but with the common interest in changing the world! Students elected to live on ELC live in one friendly neighborhood on the fifth floor of Johnson Hall and can return year after year. They share a limited-access lounge, which serves as their innovation “sandbox”!

They start the year with specialized team-building exercises and workshop activities to kick-start them toward their goal: a start-up venture that solves a real problem or serves a need! ELC members take a 2 semester Introduction to Entrepreneurship course sequence to give them the business tools all entrepreneurs need. Students also have the opportunity to work closely with an Entrepreneur in Residence who provides students with guidance and support in their business ventures.

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Health and Wellness

at Dickinson/Old Digman

Health and Wellness Community is an all freshmen building containing a yoga studio, fitness studio, mediation alcoves, kitchen and lounge areas. Residents will have access to these spaces and will be able to take wellness classes there, sign up for cooking demonstrations, nutrition classes, group exercise classes and ropes course challenges. To be placed in this community, choose the Health and Wellness Community at Old Digman when signing up for housing.

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International Relations and Cultural Exchange

at College-in-the-Woods

The new CIW International Relations and Cultural Exchange (IRCE) learning community will bring together in a shared residential setting first and second-year students who are interested in international relations. The IRCE learning community will feature courses just for community members in philosophy, political science, history, geography, and writing.

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at Mountainview College

The Nursing Learning Community is an on-campus residential option for both incoming freshmen who have been directly admitted into the nursing program, and for returning nursing students who previously resided there. Students living in this community are placed strategically in Mountainview with close proximity to one another. A variety of academic and social activities created specifically for nursing students are offered throughout the year, and academic support is provided by an upper-level resident assistant who is also majoring in nursing. 

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Politics, Law and Society

at College-in-the-Woods

The CIW Politics, Law, and Society learning community brings together first and second-year students who are interested in electoral politics, public policy, public administration and the legal professions in a shared residential setting. It will feature courses just for community members in philosophy, political science, history, and writing. Moreover, special classes will be offered every year that accentuate new key themes or involve current events.

By melding academic preparation and residential life, the new CIW Politics, Law, and Society learning community will promote interaction among students who have overlapping academic interests, but divergent career goals. Please note: it is not solely a pre-law community.

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Last Updated: 1/2/19