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Mountainview College Faculty Fellows

Faculty Fellows help connect life within the residential community to academic pursuits of students. Fellows attend and participate in area-wide events so that students have an opportunity to get to know faculty and staff outside the classroom and so faculty and staff have the opportunity to spend time with students in their residential communities. Faculty fellows provide programs and events in which they share their scholarly knowledge as well as their hobbies, avocations and interests outside their professional lives. Fellows are also available to assist Resident Assistants, area and hall governments and other students in developing academic, global and social programs.

Mountainview College Faculty Fellows 2015 - 2016

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Michael S Elmore

Area of Scholarly/Professional Expertise
My main research interests include control theory, modeling and simulation, and design optimization, as applied to power electronic circuits and electrical power systems. While at Lockheed Martin I was an electrical power systems engineer for the VH-71 Presidential Helicopter and Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) programs.
And I have designed both military and commercial power electronic circuits while employed at General Electric, IBM, and Celestica.

I was also a high school teacher for 5 years and taught math (everything from 8th grade general math to calculus) in a small town in Vermont. And I taught some adult math classess in the Boston area and in Vermont.

Hobbies, Interests, Activities
Before developing knee problems I enjoyed long distance running and playing soccer and basketball. Now I just work out a couple of times a week in a local gym.

Now I pretty much just enjoy reading (scientific, engineering, & mathematics history, philosophy, psychology, novels, and more), listening to music (contemporary R&R and some classical), and tending to the relentless upkeep of my property.

Mary Haupt

Area of Scholarly/Professional Expertise
Journalism, feature writing and news editing. As a columnist, I focused on family relationships and life in the Southern Tier. I'm especially interested in the issues facing adopted children, plus addiction in adolescents and young adults.

Hobbies, Interests, Activities
When time permits I play piano and guitar, I paint, and I write short fiction. I'm a grandparent raising a grandchild. Favorite place on the planet: the coast of Maine.

Sharon Santobuono
(No photo)

Area of Scholarly/Professional Expertise
I am a Human Development graduate of Binghamton University (SEHD) and have been a professional advisor since 1994. I began in Harpur and then joined the Watson School in 2001. I love working with students and helping them navigate through their degree requirements.

Hobbies, Interests, Activities
I am a water bug, loving any time I can spend in the water, the lakes or the ocean. We boat our summers away on Cayuga Lake where we have a house. I raise tiny toy poodles and crochet in my free time. I love to read and am also an amateur photographer, taking pictures of children and families in a local studio.

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Ann M Merriwether
(No Photo)

Area of Scholarly/Professional Expertise

Developmental Psychology
- Sexual socialization
- Body image and the Medi
- Gender role development

Hobbies, Interests, Activities

- Raising and caring for alpacas, sheep, horses
Fiber Arts
- Felting, dyeing, spinning
Robert Mess

Area of Scholarly/Professional Expertise

14 years of experience as a computer/IT support person in the Watson School
4 years on campus as a member of the UUP executive board
3 years on the Professional Employees Council
Member of the BU advocacy team several times
Prior to coming to BU 30 years as an audio/analog support technician

Hobbies, Interests, Activities

Amateur Radio (ham radio)
Odyssey of the Mind
Interacting with international students to learn more about their countries and cultures
Ashley Serbonich

Area of Scholarly/Professional Expertise

General Academic Advisor for Harpur undergraduates
Co-Coordinator of Summer Physician Mentor Program
Secretary for the Harpur College Academic Honesty Committee
Communication coordinator for Harpur Advising Office (outreach to campus communities and offices)

Hobbies, Interests, Activities
Reading, traveling, camping, arts & craft

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Sharon B Fellows

Area of Scholarly/Professional Expertise
Education: Curriculum and Instruction

Hobbies, Interests, Activities

Creative Writing
Academic Writing
Landscape design
Milton D Chester
(No photo)

Area of Scholarly/Professional Expertise

Assistant Dean of Students
Director of Student Conduct

Hobbies, Interests, Activities

Scaling sheer cliffs
The beach
Fran Srnka-Debnar

Area of Scholarly/Professional Expertise

Nursing: critical care, nursing administration, nursing education
Current PhD student in Rural Nursing
Interest in cardiac disease and invasive treatment, trauma and neuro trauma

Hobbies, Interests, Activities

Jewelry Making
Cross Country Skiing

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Margaret Decker

Area of Scholarly/Professional Expertise

Nursing: research focused on self-adhering hip protectors to prevent hip fractures in the elderly (A collaborative project with the Watson School of Engineering), professional socialization, nursing practice

Hobbies, Interests, Activities

I enjoy fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, gardening and spending time with my family. My husband and sons enjoy BMX racing and I am the team mom and medic for the Grippen Park BMX race team in Endicott, NY. Our children also enjoy playing football, wrestling, baseball, field hockey and I hear basketball is in the future for the winter. We travel to Canada during the summer months in our travel trailer. We have a Bergamasco Sheepdog and just got a new edition, an Olde English Bulldogge to add to our busy family! I teach during the summer term I for the baccalaureate accelerated track nursing students and I enjoy being around during the rest of the summer to meet with students and acclimate them to the school of nursing.

Dino Silveri

Area of Scholarly/Professional Expertise
I joined the School of Management here at Binghamton University as an Assistant Professor of Finance in the Fall of 2009. My research area is empirical corporate finance and focusses on capital markets, financial Institutions, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and corporate governance. I teach Investments, work closely with Ph.D. students and supervise independent study. I completed my Ph.D. in Business Administration at Arizona State University and I hold various degrees from the University of Rochester, the University of Melbourne and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. I worked as a Research Analyst for a stock broker in Australia before leaving industry to pursue an academic career.

Hobbies, Interests, Activities
I am vegan and have been for more than 20 years. I enjoy outdoor activities, anything from hiking to biking to skiing. I enjoy sports of all sorts and play tennis, squash and racquetball on a regular basis. Whilst growing up in Melbourne, Australia, I worked part-time at local racetracks for many years. As a result, I have a keen interest in Australian thoroughbred and standardbred racing. I return to Australia at least twice a year. I like to travel and in the past I have been involved with study abroad programs that take students to Prague. I’m hoping to organize a study abroad trip for Binghamton students in the near future.

Ann E Fronczek
(No photo)

Area of Scholarly/Professional Expertise

– Cancer Nursing specifically, medical-surgical nursing, nursing education, leadership and management.
– Family caregivers of persons with head and neck cancers.
High-Fidelity Human Patient Simulation

Hobbies, Interests, Activities

Horseback riding
Mom to an almost 3-year old

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