Spring Break 2022

The university is aware of the storm forecasted in the Binghamton area on Saturday. We strongly encourage students to leave before then, if possible. Should different information become available, it will be communicated as soon as possible. 

The residence halls will close for spring break at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 12 and reopen at noon on Sunday, March 20.

Before leaving your residence hall, you must:

  • Unplug all electrical devices (except) refrigerators).
  • Close and lock all windows and doors.
  • Close and lower blinds three-quarters down.
  • Take perishable trash to the dumpsters.
  • If you are NOT staying on campus for this break, but decide to leave your vehicle on campus, it MUST be parked in Lots G1, M1, or ZZ North or South.
  • If you are residing on campus during this break, you can also use Lots O2 or Y4.

Break housing

Students (including those in the Apartments) who need to remain on campus for any portion of the spring break must apply to do so by submitting the spring break housing application linked below. It is VERY important that Residential Life knows who is on campus in case of an emergency.

The break housing form is no longer available. Contact your area if you need help.


  • $224/week. Students wishing to remain on campus for any portion of a week will be billed for the entire week. Break housing is not offered on a daily basis.
  • The billing week runs from Sunday–Saturday.
  • The break housing charge will be billed to the student's account upon submission of the break housing application form. This charge is nonrefundable even if plans change and the student does not remain on campus for the weeks they have selected.
  • Students living in the Apartments are not billed for break housing as apartment living encompasses break housing.
  • Binghamton Advantage Program (BAP) students are not billed for break housing as SUNY Broome classes are in session during Binghamton's spring break.

Students remaining on campus during spring break should keep the following important information in mind:

  • No overnight guests are permitted in the buildings during the break.
  • Staffing and services on campus will be limited.
  • Dining will be available in the Market Place throughout the break. When the Market Place is not open (weekend service and dinners) meals may be ordered via the BiteU app.
  • OCCT will end service for spring break. BC Transit will continue to provide a reduced service. For updated schedule information, visit the BC Transit website.  Students are able to ride BC Transit at no cost with the scan of their Binghamton University ID. 
  • Make every effort to keep your keys with you at all times! If you are locked out of your room, the response time to key you in could be lengthy. 

During this break housing period, the University Housing License and the Code of Student Conduct are still in effect. In addition, you must comply with the directives below. Break housing is a privilege and you are expected to conduct yourself in a manner appropriate to a community-living environment. Any alleged violations will result in immediate removal from break housing pending any student conduct or administrative follow-up action.

  • Students who have not been approved to be on campus during the break may not enter the residence halls/Apartments.  
  • No overnight guests are permitted.
  • You may not allow anyone to "tailgate" (not using their card access) into the building.
  • Keep your room and suite/flat/apartment door locked at all times.
  • Suite bathrooms will be cleaned over break. Please remove all personal belongings from the bathroom.

Emergency contact information:

  • Staff member on duty:  607-768-2473
    • If you cannot reach the staff member on duty by phone, call University Police, who will contact them.
  • Emergency maintenance: 607-777-2341
  • University Police:
    • 911 (emergency — from a campus phone)
    • 607-777-2222 (emergency — from a cell phone)
    • 607-777-2393 (non-emergency)

Spring break travel advice

Many Binghamton University students, faculty and staff look forward to traveling during the upcoming spring break. Travel planning should never be taken for granted, and it has been made more complicated with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are five steps you can follow to plan your travel and to travel more safely.  

Have a safe and happy break!