Spring 2022 Room Change Process

Spring 2022 room change process

Beginning Feb. 3, 2022, students may submit requests for room changes to their communities' area offices following the procedures outlined below. Questions regarding room changes should be directed to the area offices.


  • Whenever possible, students with vacancies in their room are given the opportunity to request a roommate prior to the space being offered in the room change process.
  • Students who do not request a roommate should be prepared to have a roommate assigned in the room change process.
  • Students experiencing a roommate conflict should speak to their RA/ARC/RD BEFORE submitting a room change form. We recommend following our Got Roommate Conflict? process before submitting this form.
  • Students looking to swap rooms with another resident should email their area office. All parties involved in the swap will need to email the area office from their Binghamton University email account. ALL emails should clearly list the names and current room number of the students and the specific change being requested.
  • Room change requests from the fall semester DO NOT carry over to spring. Students looking for a spring semester room change must submit a SPRING 2022 ROOM CHANGE REQUEST FORM.
  • For all other room change requests, follow the steps below:
    1. Beginning Feb. 3, 2022, print the room change request form. Print one copy for each area you are applying to move to.
    2. Complete the form providing as much specificity as possible.
      • Room change offers are based on the criteria you establish on the room change request form.  
      • You will only be offered spaces that meet the criteria that you establish. 
      • You may change your criteria at any time prior to being offered a reassignment by contacting the area office and modifying your form.
    3. Take the completed form to the area office for the area to which you are applying to move.
      • If you are applying for a move to multiple different locations, you will need to submit a form to each area office.
    4. The room change process will open Feb. 3, 2022.
      • Room change request forms WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED before that date.
      • Forms received on Feb. 3 will be randomized and WILL NOT be prioritized based on time received.
    5. The last date to submit a room change request form for the spring semester is May 2, 2022.
    6. All moves for the spring semester must be completed by May 8, 2022.
    7. Correspondence from the area offices will be via your Binghamton University email account. If you do not respond by the stated deadline, your name will be removed from the area's room change list.
    8. Once you accept a move, please notify all other areas to which you have applied so that they can remove you from their lists.

Please note:

  • Submitting a room change request form to an area does not guarantee or imply that you either can or will be accommodated.
  • This process does not hinder or eliminate Residential Life's prerogative or ability to make changes to housing assignments independent of this process.
  • Not all vacant spaces are available for use in the room change process. 

Area office email addresses: