Residential Life MSW Interns

Residential Life MSW Interns

Binghamton Residential Life offers private case management services right in our communities. Our staff of interns from the University's Master of Social Work (MSW) program are here to help our residents with life on campus, supporting their transition to young adulthood by providing assistance with social, behavioral, emotional and academic concerns.

The MSW intern program is a private, not confidential, resource for students. MSW interns may be obligated to report information to the University's Title IX coordinator.

MSW interns help by:

  • Meeting with students in distress or in need of assistance
  • Providing a safe, private and accepting space for students to discuss their needs or concerns
  • Assisting residents with resolving roommate issues or interpersonal conflicts
  • Helping students build healthy boundaries and relationships with others
  • Building connections for on-campus students to help them with a sense of community at Binghamton University
  • Conducting wellness checks on residents who may need some additional support or be struggling with self-harm, mental health concerns or concerns for safety and wellbeing
  • Implementing ATOD referrals to provide an educational opportunity for students who may be struggling with alcohol or substance use
  • Helping students understand the resources and support on campus and to connect with those resources
  • Partnering with Residential Life student and professional staff to better support our students

We work with a new group of MSW interns each year. Make sure to check out this webpage next semester to see who is here to support you and connect with your MSW intern group! 

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