Specialty Housing

We are committed to providing a variety of housing options in order to meet the many needs and interests of our students.

Gender-inclusive housing

We recognize that same-sex room assignments are not ideal or appropriate for all students. Gender-inclusive housing seeks to provide an environment that is welcoming to all gender identities, trans identities, and is not limited to the traditional gender binary (male and female). Students who sign up for these spaces live with roommates, flatmates, suitemates and/or apartment mates regardless of gender identity. Gender-inclusive housing options are offered in all of the communities.

Gender-inclusive housing FAQ

Chemical-free housing

College is a time when you are faced with many decisions. You are dealing with academic and career concerns, issues related to sexuality, and pressures to use alcohol and other drugs. Many times, others are involved in influencing your decisions. Especially with regard to alcohol and other drugs, the pressure can be very strong. Some expect that alcohol, in particular, will be a part of college life. Binghamton is one of the many colleges and universities across the country that is now offering you the option of living in chemical-free housing.

Chemical-free housing is defined as a living environment where all residents and their guests agree to maintain a chemical-free lifestyle on and off campus and keep their living area free from substances at all times. Substances are defined to include alcohol, cigarettes, other tobacco products, other smoking materials and all illicit drugs. Chemical-free housing is offered in most communities except the Apartment Community.

Quiet living

Quiet living lifestyle residents agree to a 24-hour quiet environment conducive to sleep and study. Students should expect "normal" noise (garbage removal, lawn mowers, etc.), but residents agree to respect the rights of other community members to request a quiet environment at all times.

Transfer housing

Resident life is good for transfer students. Within the larger university setting, we offer our transfer residents a true community feeling — socially, academically and conveniently. Most of our transfers like the independent living-style of the Apartments Community with single bedrooms, full kitchens and ample parking. The Apartments consist of Hillside and Susquehanna, which are up the hill from central campus next to our beautiful Nature Preserve. Apartments are available in two-, four- and six-person configurations in a suite-style with a common room. New this year, we’re reserving four buildings in Hillside just for transfer students — although they are welcome to find housing in any of our buildings. Many of the staff in these buildings are transfer students themselves and go through special training to help transition students to Binghamton and maximize their residents’ success.

Just like the residence halls down the hill, the Apartments Community offers socials, student government, traditions and myriad ways to get involved while enjoying the comforts of apartment-style living with your friends. Plus, Apartments residents have in-person access to their own Career and Professional Development Consultant, Laura O’Neill. We’ll be offering a special credit-bearing internship class this year just for Hillside transfers which will include site visits, career planning, journaling, goal setting and discussion. Service-learning projects, family dinners, a student success fair, classroom tours and barbecues are planned throughout the year.