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Cable Television

Cable TV hookups are available in all student bedrooms, in all suite lounges, and in all bedrooms and living rooms in Susquehanna and Hillside Communities. The cost of the service is included in the cost of your room. The University Telecommunications Office manages the cable television operation.

Computer Service

All residential communities and most areas of campus are covered by our wireless (wi-fi) network. Computers using the network must have up to date anti-virus software and operating system patches and have been scanned by the campus verification tool. For help getting your wireless up and working, go to ITS Networking here. All residential areas provide two Ethernet outlets in each bedroom, allowing you to gain direct access to the campus network and Internet. Hubs are supplied if more than two students are assigned to a room. For help with student accounts, click here.

All of our communities also feature public computing areas (Pods) with workstations and printers connected to the University computer network.


For your convenience, each residence hall or house has a laundry room that is equipped with free washers and dryers. Should you have problems with any machine you may call the Auxiliary Services Office for repairs. Please indicate the number of the machine and post an out-of-order sign on the machine until it is repaired.

Housekeeping Service

Each residence hall has a housekeeping staff that works to provide you with a clean and pleasant living environment. You are encouraged to support staff in their efforts by being considerate and conscientious when disposing of trash and by leaving all public areas in clean condition. These public areas include lounges, kitchens, hallways, floor bathrooms, stairways and lobbies. Bathrooms on each floor are cleaned daily, and suite bathrooms once a week. Cleaning of all rooms within an apartment is your responsibility. The housekeeping staff is not responsible for cleaning your rooms, nor are they responsible for excessive messes. By not leaving common areas in a reasonably clean condition after use, charges for additional cleaning may be billed to everyone on your floor or in your hall or house.


Binghamton University has developed an extensive recycling program that includes all recyclable materials required by law in New York state. In addition, the Physical Facilities Office has established a dry cell battery redemption program. Recycling bins are provided in convenient locations in all buildings.

Refrigerator Rental

The University contracts a third party for leasing refrigerator and refrigerator/microwave units of various sizes to students. Refrigerators are leased on a semester or yearly basis but not during the summer sessions. Information about this service will be sent to you by the Office of Residential Life during the summer or winter.

Elevator Service

In College-in-the-Woods, Dickinson, Hinman, Mountainview and Newing College elevators are provided for your use throughout the year; but they may occasionally be out of service for repair or because they have been abused by students within the hall. 

Air Conditioning

Mohawk Hall in College-in-the-Woods, Dickinson (except for Old Digman), Mountainview and Newing buildings are equipped with air handling systems controlled by computers at physical facilities based on the outside ambient temperature. Due to the climate in Binghamton, New York, the air conditioning component of these systems is rarely active during the months during which classes are in session.

Last Updated: 6/29/17