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Safety and Security

Binghamton strives to ensure the safety of our students.  All residence halls are locked and require a key-card to access the building.  Blue light phones can be found throughout campus offering a direct link to University Police.  To increase safety and security, we encourage you to do the following:

  • Keep Binghamton ID  with you at all times.  This is what identifies students as members of our community. If an ID is lost it should be reported to University Police immediately. 
  • Stay with guests.  It is the responsibility of the student hosting the guest to be with that guest at all times while in the residence halls. 
  • Keep doors locked and do not share room combination/key information.  Leaving doors unlocked, even if just going down the hall or to the bathroom, leaves the room vulnerable for theft.
  • Register for the Binghamton Alert System to receive emails and/or text messages about critical campus information and emergencies.
  • Report any suspicious activity to University Police 607-777-2393.


Last Updated: 8/24/15