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what to bring
What to Bring

Every room has beds, desks, chairs, dressers and a place to hang clothes, but what your student and their roommate(s) bring will really be what makes the room feel like home. It's also a good idea for students to contact their roommate(s) before coming to school to coordinate who is going to bring what and what can be shared.


  • TRASH BIN and bags
  • BEDDING: pillows and pillowcases, sheets (2 sets twin, extra-long), blanket and bedspread, mattress pad
  • TOILETRIES: hand soap, shampoo
  • SHOWER STUFF: towels, wash cloths
  • CLOTHES HANGERS, laundry detergent and supplies
  • HANG UPS: poster hanging putty (CIW, Hinman, Mountainview and Apartments only) look for the blue kind for easier removal; push pins/thumb tacks (Dickinson and Newing only)
  • SILVERWARE: cups, plates, bowls
  • COMPUTER CONNECTIONS: 25' ethernet (RJ45) cable for internet connectivity or computer with wi-fi capability; surge protector
  • MEDICATION prescribed to the student
  • CLEANING: dish detergent, paper towels


  • COMPUTER, coax cable
  • OFFICE SUPPLIES: stapler, tape dispenser, notepads, highlighters, markers, desk drawer organizer, 3-hole punch, note cards, pens and pencils
  • SHOWER caddy and sandals
  • SNACKS, can opener, bag clips, re-sealable plastic bags and twist ties
  • FIX IT: sewing kit, screwdrivers/small, tool kit
  • COMFORT: fan, flashlight, extra batteries, umbrella and/or raincoat, clip-on light/arm lamp (no halogens), personal-type water filter and extra filter cartridges

Items to Share

It's a good idea to contact your roommate(s) before coming to school to coordinate who's going to bring what.

  • single-cup COFFEE MAKER
  • TV/DVD/blue ray player and/or stereo
  • REFRIGERATOR (5.5 cubic feet or less)
  • RUG
  • free-standing SHELVING system (no cinder blocks)

Not Allowed*

  • halogen and multi-headed LAMPS
  • ALCOHOL (if under age 21)
  • EXTENSION cords or cube adaptors
  • exposed HEATING element or open coil appliance (multi-cup coffee maker, hot plate, toaster, toaster oven, etc.), space heaters
  • CANDLES or incense
  • supplies to LOFT your bed
  • FLAGS, TAPESTRIES or other cloth decorations that hang on the wall

*For a complete listing of what is not permitted in the residence halls, please see the 2018-2019 Housing License


On-campus students are provided with furnished rooms, utilities, cable access, laundry and maintenance services. All residential communities are also equipped with Wi-Fi as well as at least one ethernet outlet in the bedrooms. Throughout campus, students can also find public computing areas (PODS) where they can access computers and the University computer network. Each residential community also has recreational areas including basketball and volleyball courts, full-service kitchens and lounges.Save

Last Updated: 8/7/18