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Benefits of Living On-Campus

Our residence halls are far more than a place to sleep. We firmly believe that a student’s living experience can have a positive impact on their academic success and overall college experience. For many practical reasons, living on campus is the right choice for many Binghamton students. Studies indicate that students who live on campus:

  • participate in more extracurricular activities
  • report more positive perceptions of the campus social climate
  • tend to be more satisfied with their college experience
  • report more personal growth and development
  • engage in more frequent interactions with peers and faculty members (Blimling, 1993, as cited in Pascarella & Terenzini, 2005)

Aside from developmental benefits, students who live on campus experience the following advantages:

  • Conveniently accessible – walk or shuttle ride to classes, libraries, computer labs, activities, events, recreational centers, study groups, professors and other student resources.
  • Access to dedicated and knowledgeable residential staff who are available to
    assist students with both academic and personal issues and tenured faculty masters available to assist with a multitude of academic issues.
  • Exciting experiences through educational programs offered in the residence halls
  • Leadership opportunities: hall/area government, Resident Assistants, student association, and many other opportunities around campus.
  • 24/7 Security: buildings are card-access and University Police are readily accessible. Students feel safe knowing residence halls can be accessed only through keycards,
    that blue-light phones are located throughout campus, and that University Police are only a phone call away.
  • Friendships and community – countless opportunities to meet new people and develop lasting friendships through various social, educational and recreational events. There will always be someone around to hang out with. A strong sense of community is developed in each building and residential area.
  • Diverse cultural experience – students participate in educational, cultural, recreational and social activities to enhance their college experience.
  • Independence – students gain a sense of independence as they live on their own for the first time while learning to live and interact with their peers.
  • Wireless – all our rooms have high speed internet access.
  • Natural Beauty – residents have ready access to the 190-acre Nature Preserve.
  • No worries about paying monthly rent, bills, etc.
  • No commuting hassles!

Last Updated: 11/26/18