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Before Moving In

  • Can you tell me about the on campus housing process?
  • When will rooms assignments and roommates be known?
    • Students will find out which community they have been assigned to in July.  Roommate information will be emailed in August.
  • What should students bring for the residence hall room?
    • For a guide to moving in and what to bring, please click here.
  • What happens on Move In Day at Check In?
    • When you drive onto campus you and your student will be directed to the “staging” area by the Events Center.  Please be sure to have the parking tag that was mailed to you over the summer.  This will help University Police direct you to the correct parking lot.
    • Welcome Back Crew members will be there to help you and your student transport belongings from the car to the residence hall. 
    • Your student must have their Binghamton student issued ID card.  Without their card, Residential Life cannot grant them access to the building. If a student has misplaced their card, a temporary access card will be provided until the student can get a new ID card issued.
    • Once you and your student have checked in, the next step is meeting your RA and filling out the online Room Condition Report. This is your student’s opportunity to thoroughly inventory their room and furnishings. It is extremely important that they are VERY DETAILED on this report because any alterations, changes, and/or damages to the room found after the original inventory is signed may be billable to the resident's University account. This form becomes the base-line upon which all damage billing is based.
    • Once the Room Condition Report is completed, you and your student can begin moving everything in.
    • That day and throughout the weekend Residential Life staff and the Welcome Back Crew will be hosting meetings and activities to help the students acclimate to the campus and get to know one another.

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After They've Moved In

  •   Can room assignments be changed?
    • Residential Life recognizes that occasionally residents are matched with roommates with whom they do not feel compatible. If this occurs, your student may request a room change through their area housing office after an initial waiting period at the beginning of each semester. The ability to change a room is dependent upon available vacancies.
  • What if students get locked out of their room?
    • Locked out students need to find a Residential Life staff member to key them into their room. However, if they lose the key, the student will be billed for the lock change and replacement keys.
  • Where can my student do their laundry?
    • Each residence hall has a 24 hour laundry facility.
  • When does my student need to leave the residence hall for break?
    • If your student lives in the Apartment Community (Hillside or Susquehanna) or in a break housing hall (Delaware, Mohawk, and Windham) then they do not have to leave during break periods.
    • If your student does not live in the apartments or one of our break housing halls, they must vacate during the following breaks:
      • Thanksgiving Break
        • Residence halls close at 2 p.m. the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
      • Winter Break
        • All residents should be out of their building 24 hours after their last final.  Check Important Dates & Deadlines for exact times and days. Students will not have access to the building during the break, so encourage them to bring important items including medications, identification, etc.
      • Summer Break
        • All non-graduating residents should be out of their building 24 hours after their last final.  Check Important Dates & Deadlines for exact times and days.
    • Academic calendar

  • What do I need to know about moving out in May?
    • Your student must completely vacate and check out of their room by the specified time. If a student is staying on campus for summer school, they will be directed where to move.

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Meal Plans

  • Who is the food service provider?
    • Binghamton’s current food service provider is Sodexo
  • Can we change the meal plan we have chosen for our student?
    • Yes, your student can go to the Meal Plan office in University Union Room 116 Monday – Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Sending Mail On Campus

Who doesn't love to get real mail or a package from home? You'll need to find your students BU box #, which they will be assigned when they check in. If they don't know what their box # is, they can login to the housing portal with their username and password and click on the Your Assignment/Mailbox link.

If sending mail via US Postal Service:

Student’s Name
BU Box # (their 5-digit box number)
PO Box 6020
Binghamton, NY  13902-6020

If you are sending a package via a private shipper (like UPS or FedEx):

Student’s Name
BU Box # (their 5-digit box number)
4400 Vestal Parkway East
Binghamton, NY  13902

More information at Campus Mail

Parking and Transportation

  • Can students park their vehicle on campus?
    • Freshmen (fewer than 24 credits completed at Binghamton University) residing in University residence halls are not permitted to register or park a vehicle on campus. This includes the parking garage, visitors paid parking and parking meters. Freshmen who reside off campus may register a vehicle on campus and purchase a parking permit. Requests for exceptions to this policy are to be directed to the Deputy Chief of Police/Parking Services.
    • Resident freshmen who park a car on campus without permission from Parking Services and upper-classmen who purchase a parking permit for a resident freshman (or attempt to do so) will be fined and/or face campus conduct action.
  • Can I park on campus while visiting my student?
    • If you’re visiting the campus Monday through Friday (including holidays) you may purchase a visitor parking permit or park at the parking garage, visitors’ paid lot or at a parking meter. If your visit brings you to campus anytime from 5 p.m. Friday until midnight Sunday, parking is free.
  • How does my student get around without a vehicle?
    • The Binghamton campus is set up around the "brain" where academic buildings are centrally located and residential communities are situated around this. Everything is within walking distance.
    • We have a free bike-sharing service: Binghamton Bike Share (BUBS)
    • Free bus and shuttle service is available both on and off-campus. Our green shuttle buses travel on campus and our blue buses are available to many locations off campus. We have a new app that tracks the buses in real time, more information can be found on Binghamton University Transportation.
    • Zipcars are now available for rental on campus. It is a car-sharing service that can be rented by the hour or day 24/7 find out more information here.
    • Find bus schedules and info for BC Transit public transportation here.

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  • What are the biggest academic adjustments during the freshman year?
    • Learning to discipline oneself and manage time are critical adjustments. Though college classes may meet only every other day, or once a week, the workload is still challenging. It is suggested that the student spend two hours of studying for every one hour in class, balanced with study breaks. Luckily, there are a wide variety of campus departments, tutors, and mentors who can help your student make those adjustments.
  • How can a student get help if they’re struggling with academics or a certain class?
    • If a student is struggling in a class, they should first schedule an office meeting with the professor. They can discuss challenges, note-taking and test-preparation methods, and tutoring possibilities. Your student may also want to meet with the Faculty Master assigned to their residential college/community.  Their offices are located in the area housing office.  They can help students find resources on campus, discuss majors, etc.  In addition, other resources are available such as the Writing Center or the Discovery Program

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Last Updated: 2/12/16