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Making New Friends

Making new friends can be easy for some; for others it can be an intimidating concept.  Here are some tips to help your student make connections at Binghamton:

Attend orientation.  Orientation can be a great time to meet new people – you are with a relatively small group of people and have the shared experiences of having just graduated and are now preparing to attend Binghamton.  Students will find that everyone is looking to meet new friends – the perfect place to start conversations!  

Get involved.  In order to meet new people, it is imperative that you get involved on campus. Binghamton has over 200 student groups. Join a student group such as the debate club or student government. Try out for a sports team. Consider joining a sorority or fraternity.  Whatever your interest, we probably have a club for you.  If we don’t – consider chartering a new one!

Stay on campus.  Your student may want to come home the 1st few weekends to visit high school friends.  This is the time when new students are trying to get to know one another. Encourage your student to stay on campus so they won’t miss out on the weekend activities that bond college students together.

Utilize classes.  Encourage your student to get to classes a few minutes before they start so they have time to talk with their peers. Sitting in the middle of the classroom can make it easier to strike up conversations with other students about homework assignments, upcoming tests, campus activities, etc.

Open door policy. Encourage your student to leave their door open when they are hanging out in their room. Other students are looking to make new friends as well, so many will drop by just to say "hey" if their door is open. Likewise, they should do a drop-by to introduce themselves if they see an open door. Please note: Your student should always lock their door when they are not in their room.

Study in public. Instead of studying in their room, encourage your student to go to the student lounge or the library. They’ll get in plenty of study time and have the opportunity to meet new people during study breaks.


Last Updated: 8/20/15