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Returning Student Housing

It's time for your student to start thinking about 2019–2020 housing options. For families of returning students, you already know that both on- and off-campus housing options require decisions during the fall semester. For new students and their families, this may seem early.

Like you, we want our students to have sufficient time to consider their options and make the best choice to meet their needs, so, to ease the process for student housing decisions this year, we're extending the time required for students to make a final decision.

Between Thursday, Oct. 18, and Monday, Feb. 11, students can sign their housing license and form groups for room selection; in February, they will select their room. At any point until they select their room in February, students still have the flexibility to decide where and with whom they want to live.

Ultimately, we believe that the benefits of living on campus are in the best interest of most students and we hope you will agree. The #1 thing we hear from students is that they want to live with their friends in the community of their choice, and we try very hard to make it possible.

You'll find more information about the returning student housing process here.

Important dates:

Oct. 18–Feb. 10

Part 1 – Registration. Students can sign the housing license, apply for a learning community and begin to form groups (for rooms/suites/flats/apartments).

Feb. 11–22

Part 2 – Room selection. Students will choose a room/flat/suite/apartment.

Living on campus is the best way to make friends and build connections that will last a lifetime. No one is better at creating a community than we are. Our #1 priority is your student. This new process allows your student plenty of time to find the right community, the best friends to live with and the perfect home away from home.

If you have any questions about this new process, contact us at

Last Updated: 11/19/18