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Residential Life Staff

Did you know that Binghamton Residential Life employs over 200 staff within our six communities to assist our residents? During winter and summer break, our staff go through extensive training to ensure that they have the best tools possible to help and support our students while taking care of themselves and growing as individuals. Professional training topics range from defeating stress in multi-tasking, cross-cultural communication and healthy behaviors to making the most of job and career resources. Also during this training, RAs have the opportunity to present on a variety of topics they've picked and created themselves. The goals for training are to make all our staff more open to differences, more aware of resources, and better prepared to handle a variety of situations calmly. Since our staff is tasked with the well-being of such a diverse student population, discussions will cover ways to be sensitive, supportive and inclusive.

Our staff is integral to creating a student-centered space and sense of community for each of our residents. We are very proud of their commitment. Check our Facebook and Instagram for more details and photos.

Last Updated: 1/19/18