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Privacy Policy and Communications

We take the privacy of student's records and information very seriously.  As such, Binghamton University follows federal laws in regards to the release of student information.  Under the provisions of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), students may authorize the release of their student record information to parents, guardians, or others whom they designate. Using the Release of Student Information Form, students must identify what information may be released, the person, department or office that is authorized to provide the information, the party to which the information may be released and the purpose for releasing the information.  Students should list all parties authorized to release and or receive information.  Once completed, the form should be sent or taken to the designated person or office.  A faxed release form is acceptable, but the original signed form should be mailed or delivered to the appropriate office.  Office and department addresses, telephone and fax numbers are located in the department web site

The above form may not be used for release of records from the University Health Service or University Counseling Center. Students must submit the specific release form associated with each department.

Students may revoke their permission to release records by giving written notification to the person, department or office that they previously authorized.

Communications Information:

Your student's email address is now the primary and official form of communication from Residential Life.  We will continue to post general dates and announcements to our website, but specific announcements and housing information will be sent directly to their email address.

Last Updated: 12/12/17