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Are you interviewing for current vacancies?

We will be accepting applications and interviewing for fall vacancies starting in the spring semester. Apply by February 1 for priority consideration.  

What is the remuneration?

This assistantship includes a base stipend for the academic year of $9,400 paid biweekly. This position is represented by the Graduate Student Employees Union (GSEU) and the stipend includes all potential union negotiated raises applicable for the academic year.  Twenty hours of work per week is expected. Tuition scholarships may be available through individual graduate programs but are not guaranteed.

What is your interview process and timeline?

After screening resumes, candidates are invited to participate in a group campus interview. Qualifications will then be reviewed and offers will be extended. Those applications received after the interview day will be considered for phone interviews as vacancies occur.

What is the anticipated start date?

The start date is August 1.

Last Updated: 1/24/17