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Professional development for ADs


New ADs will work with their supervisor and colleagues to learn the specific responsibilities and procedures required of the position.

Career/Skill Development

Staff are encouraged to continue their growth and development of their professional skill set.  With a primary focus on their residential community, ADs have oversight of an area office, direct supervision of support staff and live-in professionals, and advocate for the needs of their students. Once ADs have acclimated to the department and University, they may consider working on initiatives to enhance the programs and services of the department. Some areas that have been explored include transfer students, assessment, title IX initiatives, and gender-neutral housing.

Departmental Committees

Staff may serve as mentors to departmental committees and may serve as Residential Life representatives on University committees. Departmental committees include: RA Selection, RA Training, RD Search, and Residential Life Training. University committees include: University Transportation, Personal Safety, University Events, Eating Awareness, Homecoming, etc.

Helpful Links

Below is a listing of links to get involved with professional organizations locally and regionally. Conferences attended by staff include: ACPA, ACUHO-I, CSPA, NACA, NACADA, NASPA, NCORE, NEACUHO (Annual, Diversity Retreat, Drive-In, LGBT & Friends Retreat, Mid-Levels Professional, New Professional, Operations, Professionals of Color & Allies Retreat and Women's Winter Renewal), NODA, RELI andSJTI.

Last Updated: 2/17/17