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Resident Directors Professional Development


The Resident Directors participate in a comprehensive training program  at the start of each semester. Additionally, staff receive on-going training throughout the academic year focusing on the Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Educators as identified by ACPA and NASPA.

Departmental Committees

Each Resident Director serves on a departmental committee. Our committees include: RA Selection, RA Training, RD Search, and Residential Life Training. Returning staff members may have the opportunity to serve as a chair of their committee.

Additional Opportunities

Once RDs have acclimated to the department and University, they may consider some additional opportunities such as instructing a 2-credit First-Year or Senior-Year Experience course, being trained to adjudicate higher level policy violations and/or serving as a student conduct hearing board chair.

Helpful Links

Below is a listing of links to get involved with professional organizations locally and regionally. Conferences attended by staff include: ACPA, ACUHO-I, CSPA, NACA, NACADA, NASPA, NCORE, NEACUHO (Annual, Diversity Retreat, Drive-In, LGBT & Friends Retreat, Mid-Levels Professional, New Professional, Operations, Professionals of Color & Allies Retreat and Women's Winter Renewal), NODA, RELI and SJTI.

Last Updated: 12/6/17