Resources for Restarting Binghamton

Any department or office in need of materials should contact the people below:

  1. Personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • Anyone in a Binghamton University (or University affiliated) space (including buildings, grounds, shared laboratory areas, conference rooms, restrooms, elevators, parking structures, etc.) must wear a face covering or mask that covers both nose and mouth at all times, except when alone in a private room, private office, private vehicle, cubicle space when appropriate social distancing can be maintained, when in a more isolated area with no other people in proximity, or when exercising outside when appropriate social distancing can be maintained.
    • To ensure University employees have adequate PPE, the items listed below will be provided to all employees. These items will be delivered to every campus department for distribution by the supervisor/chair.
      • Two reusable cloth face masks
      • One refillable 2-oz. bottle of hand sanitizer
    • Employees have the option of wearing their own mask or utilizing those provided by the University. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for washing the cloth masks can be found here:
    • All employees will be provided one 2-oz. personal bottle of hand sanitizer. This alcohol-based sanitizer may be used to sanitize your hands as well as work surfaces and touch-points. Do not discard this bottle, as you will only receive one. Refilling stations will be located throughout campus where these personal bottles may be refilled. The location of the refilling stations can be found [insert website].
    • Questions regarding PPE, including departmental requests for additional PPE, should be directed to the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) at
  2. Custodial services and cleaning
    • Cleaning and disinfection of touchpoints in common and high-traffic areas will be prioritized over all other tasks.
    • As staff return to campus and areas become reoccupied, submit a Physical Facilities (PF) service request indicating which specific offices/labs will be occupied.
      • All attempts will be made to resume normal cleaning services in these areas; however, office cleaning frequency may be decreased if needed to allow for more frequent disinfection of touchpoints in common areas. Office occupants should dump their waste baskets into common area trash cans (corridors, break rooms, bathrooms, etc.).
      • Office occupants wishing to clean their own offices between PF scheduled cleanings may do so. Office occupants may also opt out of receiving routine cleaning services by submitting a service request. PF will still perform periodic cleaning services based on established schedules.
        • Individuals and departments should not purchase their own cleaning chemicals or bring chemicals in from home. The use of chemicals other than those used by PF custodial staff could damage surfaces, react dangerously with the chemicals used by PF staff, cause allergic reactions or other issues. Chemicals used by custodial staff are specifically selected for safety, compatibility with other chemicals and surfaces, and compliance with the New York State Green Cleaning Law.
        • Individuals should use the provided alcohol-based sanitizer to regularly clean their work surfaces.
        • For some larger, public-facing areas, the personal bottles of sanitizer may not be practical or sufficient. Departments may request disinfecting supplies by submitting a PF service request.
      • In accordance with CDC and New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) guidelines, there is no disinfection protocol for cleaning areas prior to staff returning to campus offices if the areas have been vacant for more than seven days.
    • Questions can be directed to Sacha Sigelman-Schwartz, work control manager, at
  3. Signage
    • The campus has prepared a number of signs that departments can utilize to help explain certain new procedures, including social distancing, wearing masks and directional signage. Examples of the signs can be found online at
    • Once signs are ordered, use the PF service request form indicating the type and the location desired of each sign requested.
  4. Mail/packages
    • Central Receiving resumes package delivery June 15
      • Central Receiving will resume package delivery across campus Monday, June 15. Packages (with the exception of next-day and 2-day air, which will be delivered directly to the recipient by the courier) will be received at Central Receiving and delivered by PF to departmental/recipient locations. All attempts will be made to deliver packages within one to three business days. All direct delivery by couriers to one-drop locations (including ITC) is temporarily suspended. Contact Central Receiving at with any questions.
    • Campus Mail Services resumes delivery to departments June 15
      • Campus Mail Services will resume delivery of mail to departments Monday, June 15. Departments that still want mail held at CMS after this date must email CMS at A reminder that summer window hours are noon-2:50 p.m. and the retail window is open from noon-2:30 p.m. Those coming to the window will need to wear a mask to receive service.
  5. Plexiglass
    • Physical Facilities will assist any department that has a need for Plexiglass barriers in areas that have forward/public-facing work stations (i.e., reception areas). To begin the process, submit a service request with as much relevant information as possible.
      • Building and room number
      • Application (desktop, counter, etc.)
      • Required height and width of the Plexiglass and whether a pass-through slot is needed.
    • Physical Facilities will assign someone to visit the space to evaluate any potential code/ventilation issues, etc. For common sizes and applications, the barriers will be ordered from a vendor, but in some cases, the barriers may have to be custom fabricated. Initially, departments must provide an IFR account to PF. Departments should then inform Joe Turdo in the Business Office ( of the COVID-related expense for potential future reimbursement.
    • Departments that wish to order temporary, free-standing plexiglass barriers directly from vendors may do so from their IFR using a Purchase Requisition/Purchase Order. Do not use your P-card. You should still inform Joe Turdo ( in the Business Office of the expense for potential future reimbursement.