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Conflict of Interest

The following laws and regulations apply to all campus employees


Public Officers Law §73 Restrictions on the activities of current and former state officers and employees
Public Officers Law §73-a Financial Disclosure
Public Officers Law §74 Code of Ethics
Civil Service Law §107 Prohibition against certain political activities; improper influence


19 NYCRR Part 932 Outside Activities
19 NYCRR Part 933 Gift Regulations for Public Officers

State University of New York Policies

Binghamton University faculty and staff must comply with General Personnel Policies and Procedures, which address conflict of interest in the Faculty-Staff Handbook.  Faculty and staff must also comply with the State University of New York's Conflict of Interest Policy, which reflects pertinent State and Federal laws and regulations:

SUNY Conflict of Interest Policy, Document 6001

Policy on Conflicts of Interest in Public Health Service Sponsored Programs, Document Number 1000

START-UP NY Program Participation Policy


Research Foundation of the State of New York 

Faculty and staff who are considered to be "employees" of the The Research Foundation for the State University of New York (RF) are subject to its Conflict of Interest Policy.  


Additional information may also be found at the SUNY Conflicts of Interest page

Last Updated: 4/4/22