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The list below identifies the required training that an employee MUST complete to comply with State law. This list does not include EH&S, research, and other trainings that employees may be subject to based on a specific type of work they do. 

There are currently four online compliance training programs available, provided through the University Center for Training and Development:

  1. Right to Know, annual
  2. Internal Controls, annual, includes:
    • Cyber Security Training
    • Child Protection Policy
    • Mandatory Child Sexual Abuse Reporting & Prevention Policy 
  3. Workplace Violence Prevention, at employment start and annual
  4. Discrimination & Harassment Prevention,  annual

Beginning in 2018 a new Title IX, VAWA and NY 129-B annual training will be available.

Toaccess these compliance training modules go to:

If you need assistance logging in, please contact the UCTD staff: 

Telephone: (607) 777-6362

Compliance Questions Email:


Last Updated: 4/19/17