Our Faculty

Vanessa Cañete-Jurado


Romance Languages and Literatures


As a specialist in translation studies and cross-cultural communication, Vanessa Cañete-Jurado’s areas of expertise include transmedia narratives, localization, discourse analysis, digital multiliteracies and multimodal pedagogy. Using an interdisciplinary lens, her recent projects have focused on transnational film and television, Hispanic climate fiction, the linguistic/cultural landscapes of Latinx communities, cultural heritage preservation, crisis translation/interpreting and localization strategies for healthcare. 

Her recent courses include Translating Contexts, Taking Spanish Outside the Classroom, Latinx Television, Netflix in Spanish, and Health in Latinx Communities and Cultures. In her courses, Cañete-Jurado encourages students to actively engage with local communities, critically analyze discursive practices and explore the role of language and communication in social transformation. She has worked closely with local artists, activists, and grassroots organizations to develop multilingual platforms for expression, including art exhibitions, film festivals and multimedia projects to spark an interest in and appreciation for other languages and cultures.


  • PhD, Translation Studies, Binghamton University
  • MA, Comparative Literature, Binghamton University
  • MA, Italian, Binghamton University
  • BA, Translation and Interpreting, Universidad de Málaga