Spanish Forspro EQUIVALENTS

Spain standard course equivalents

These are pre-approved course equivalents for the Spain/FORSPRO courses. To make sure that courses will transfer smoothly and contribute adequately to the development of the Spanish minor or major, students must have their course selection approved by an adviser in the Romance Languages department. Transfer and freshmen students, pursuing a Spanish minor or major, are strongly advised to take language courses in the department before taking courses abroad. If students need a more specific course designation for their individual requirements, an advisor will have to approve those changes on an as-needed basis. 

Course number/title
Binghamton University course number
C1120 Elementary Spanish I SPAN 111
C2200 Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 211
C2241 Spanish Conversation, General topics SPAN 200+
C3241 Advanced Conversation, General topics SPAN 350
C4932 Andalusian Writers SPAN 380
M1121 Beginning Spanish II SPAN 115
M2200 Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 211
M2201 Intermediate Spanish II SPAN 215
M2270 Art, Music, Folklore & Traditions (ENGLISH) Not offered for Spanish minor or major
M3510 Hispanic Culture & Civilization SPAN 360
A2241 Spanish Conversation, Current Events SPAN 200+
A3241 Advanced Spanish Conversation, Medical terms SPAN 382A
A3500 Spanish Culture and Civilization (ENGLISH) Not for minors. Approval for majors (300+)
A4930/5930 Introduction to Spanish Theater SPAN 400+
E2241 Spanish Conversation, Current Events SPAN 200+
E3242 Advanced Spanish Conversation, Current Events SPAN 350
E3300 Grammar and Composition SPAN 250
E4931/E5931 Hispanic Cinema SPAN 400+
E1110 Music of Spain Does not count for minor or major
M4930 Hispanic Short Stories SPAN 400+