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Welcome, Scholars!

I am honored to serve as Executive Director of the Binghamton University Scholars Program, and everyone associated with the program wants to make your time at Binghamton University challenging, rewarding and enjoyable.

We are especially proud at Binghamton that our Scholars Program is one of endless opportunities rather than endless requirements. It is focused on providing you a comprehensive, cohesive experience in each of your undergraduate years, and we have a great plan to connect you with fellow Scholars and the best minds at Binghamton University and beyond. You have what it takes to fulfill your dreams, and we want to provide you with every opportunity to get there.

Your Scholars experience begins with living and learning in the Scholars Learning Community in the Newing College residential community, where you live among other Scholars and form lasting friendships. Your first Scholars classroom experience begins with SCHL127, "Thinking Like Leonardo DaVinci," a course designed to help you get off to a great start and learn how to think like some of the best minds ever to grace the planet. In your second semester, you move on to the first of two Scholars-only courses taught by the best and brightest at Binghamton University.

In your second year, you will participate in a leadership and service project, and in your third year an experiential learning experience of your choosing.  In your fourth year, you will complete a capstone experience to show the world you are ready to take it on.

Throughout all four years, we will continue to offer professional events and opportunities, and social events that help make us a community. You can find details about all of the opportunities and requirements of the Scholars Program in the Binghamton University Scholars Program Student Handbook, and elsewhere on this website.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

There is only one path to achieving the distinguished designation of President's  Honors or All-University Honors upon graduation, and that path is through the Binghamton University Scholars Program. Best wishes for a great scholarly experience at Binghamton University.


William Ziegler 

Professor William Ziegler
Executive Director—Binghamton University Scholars Program
Provost Fellow - SUNY Administration: State-wide Co-op Curriculum Development Coordinator
Associate Professor—T.J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science
Principle Investigator—Federal Aviation Administration 10g-009

Last Updated: 10/24/19