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Resume Writing for Scholars

Students enrolled in the Binghamton University Scholars Program have opportunities not available to the general population and those opportunities matter to prospective employers.  Graduating with honors is something to be proud of and should be a prominent aspect of your resume.  Assuming leadership positions within the structure of the Scholars Program will make a big impression as well.  Let prospective employers know what you have accomplished both within the Scholars Program and elsewhere.  All Scholars should minimally include that they are a "Candidate for President's Honors" (if you expect to graduate with a 3.25-3.49 GPA) or "All-University Honors" (if you expect to graduate with a 3.50-4.0 GPA).  These honors designations are only available to those enrolled in the Binghamton University Scholars Program and you should be proud of that achievement.

The Career Counselors in the Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development are the experts on resume writing and you are encouraged to visit with a Career Counselor to best determine how your involvement in the Scholars Program will fit within your overall resume.

Click here for a sample resume that provides ideas for highlighting your achievements as a Scholar. 

Click here for other ideas to supplement your resume with opportunities provided by being a Scholar.

Career and Graduate School Counseling

The Scholars Program has its own Career Counselor from the Binghamton University Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development, who is dedicated specifically to helping Scholars students make their way into the world of employment and/or graduate school. His name is Jordan Smith and he has an office right in the Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center (C4) for your convenience. Please see Jordan's letter of introduction below and please feel free to stop in to see him regarding career planning. It is never to early to start planning, so all Scholars, from first-year students to seniors are welcomed and encouraged to work on career planning. Please note that while Jordan is dedicated to helping Scholars, everyone in the Fleishman Center can help as well, so do not feel that you can only see Jordan. At this link you can view the Career Consultant in Residence webpage which includes Jordan's office hours and instructions for making an appointment:Jordan's letter of introduction follows.


From Jordan:

Hello Binghamton University Scholars!!!

As some of you might know already, my name is Jordan Smith and I am the new Career Consulting Assistant in Residence at the Fleishman Center. In fact, if you have already met me, there may have been a good chance I had a coffee in my hand. Strong coffee (with a bit of cream), along with volleyball, and food dates with friends are three things outside of career and professional development that I am deeply passionate about!

In regards to my new role here at Binghamton University, part of my focus will be working with students enrolled in the Scholars Program! As a Career Consultant, I provide services to help you develop your career and professional development through:
• Exploring Majors and Careers
• Gaining Experience
• Preparing for the Job Search
• Applying for Graduate/Professional School

I am very excited to be here and look forward to working with you through my appointments or walk-in hours, as well as through requested programming! Please take a look at my schedule below to see my availability throughout the week.

Jordan M. Smith
Career Consulting Assistant in Residence
Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development
C-4: Student Success Center, Office 101E


Last Updated: 9/5/19