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Harpur, Watson, CCPA,

Transfer or double degree


1. Prior to applying, Scholars must first obtain careful advice from the advising office of the desired program. Scholars must see an academic advisor (mandatory) and relevant faculty (optional) during the fall semester to determine a strategy for possibly taking courses in the new major during the Spring semester.

Procedure to Complete the Process:
1. Speak with an advisor (mandatory) and relevant faculty (optional) from the program you are applying to.
2. The deadline to apply is March 15 of the freshman year.
3. Scholars may request a choice of major during their first semester, but typically will not be considered for entry into the desired program until grades from the fall semester are posted. Please check with an advisor from the program you are applying to for preferred application timing.
4. Information and instructions for submitting an application are available at the following link. In order to take advantage of the guarantee, the application must be submitted by March 15 of the freshman year.
5. As soon as the required form is submitted, then immediately email Professor Ziegler and provide
a. Your full formal name
b. B-number
c. Email
d. Current GPA as stated on your transcript
e. Current degree program
f. Desired degree program (indicate if you wish to enroll in a double degree or double major with your current major)
g. Name of advisor you spoke to in the degree program you are applying to (this is required to ensure you understand where you will stand in the new curriculum)


Last Updated: 9/4/19